What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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I attended this event as the first PHP conference for me ever (shame on me, I know). But I do was impressed. The program lured me to the congress in the first place, because of the topics. Second, the location was brilliant for a low-budget event. Well done.

The event was pretty slick organised (at least in the English room). Very good timing on the effort of the presenters and very smooth transitions between the presentations. Chapeau!

PfCongres was again a great succes. It's getting bigger every year and the organization has done a great job. For me, as a first time speaker, it was a great experience. I will certainly be there next year!

What you call a bang for the buck: The entrance was quite cheap for what you get. A big thank you to the organization for that. The location itself was large enough for the crowd and kind of promoted interaction: There was enough room for people to sit down and chat.
I think there was a nice diversity in talks, so for everyone there was a topic he or she likes. Some of the talks were on the boundary of my knowledge where I wished they would be on boundary++.
Seeing the comments on the StarApple stand: the stand could've been placed elsewhere indeed. Especially later in the afternoon people tended to be louder and for a moment it almost seemed that the wall was coming down.

Oh and the food was good, as was the coffee!

Anonymous at 22:55 on 19 Sep 2011

The congres was really well organized, the only thing which was annoying was the StarApple stand, personally I find it quite stupid to start gaming there while there are some really interesting presentations going on. It was quite annoying during some presentations in the dutch room. Also the photographer was quite distracting, walking in and out and taking pictures from the left and right.

Great event and well organized. With good Coffee (very important!).
Was expecting a little higher level on the talks, but overall it was OK.
A bit annoying was the 2 narrow walkways in the foyer to the area around the StarApple stand. A bit more room would have been nice. Also the StarApple stand was a bit noisy in the dutch room at times, which was a distraction at the talk.
I will be there next year!

and why can't I give stars to the complete event? the alternative method then... :P
* * * *

Great conference! Perfectly organised, had a great day, thanks PFZ crew!

I really liked it all:
the atmosphere, the language divided tracks with great topics, the hallway track scene, the drinks and food, the speakers dinner and the conference its general very positive and warm attitude. Almost 300 attendees and it felt there was clearly room for a lot more, as the organization clearly showed they can handle that load easily. Thanks for having me as a speaker.

The speakers were pretty good, the venue was great, the catering was excellent... It was my first conference ever, but pfc11 has made me enthusiastic to attend more conferences. Geat job guys and thank you.

A job well done! well organised, good venue and good talks.

Great conference, it gave me lots of new insights. I'm definitely going to attend next year.

Darn, got a time-out when commenting here. Just letting you know it was me posting as Anonymous.

Anonymous at 21:44 on 18 Sep 2011

Compliments to the organization as they've managed to bring a mix of national and international speakers together on a single day, having a good mix between Dutch and English talks making it accessible for most people.

Thanks for having me as a speaker and I'm looking forward to next year.

A bonus: coffee was always available, so a real treat for me :-)

Excellent event with great speakers and subjects. For almost no money at all and on a great location, there was no valid reason to not attend!

Compliments to the organisation. Everything was very well taken care of. Quality and fun conference for sure!!!

Great conference guys! Using a Dutch and English track makes the conference very accessible for both speakers and audience.