MongoDB, een introductie


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Interessante materie om kennis mee te maken. Spreker liet enigszins te wensen over, probeer wat meer gemotiveerd over te komen en maak meer contact met je publiek ipv je sheets.

As an overview talk, it was OK but didn't offer much more than a regular tutorial that you can get online. Would be nicer to have seen how MongoDB is different from other NoSQL solutions. Showing how Map/Reduce works - even with a very simple example - would have made the presentation more interesting to me. The code examples were interesting but hard to read. I felt the code examples took the pace out of the presentation.

Speaker seemed to be a bit nervous making him sound monotone. Other than that an okay presentation, understandable but not much depth.

Not a good presentation. I guess the knowledge was a bit poor in order to answer the questions properly. Sorry mate.

The fact that it doesn't go deeper is obvious since it's an introduction. I felt that I got a nice introduction and I'm so gonna play with mongodb now!!!

The speaker was talking very clearly and slowly and I had no problem to follow even tho I'm still studying Dutch. I could notice that the speaker was a bit nervous but according to me it didn't sacrifice the quality of the talk. Great! :)

Leon, you forgot the left side of the room a bit! Most of the time I was looking at your back.
It seemed that you knew your knowledge, so no need to be looking at your own sheets. Otherwise good introduction to MongoDB, but skip the live demo!

Anonymous at 14:13 on 18 Sep 2011

Goede indruk van MongoDB gekregen, bedankt. Je presentatie laat inderdaad wat te wensen over, maar aan de andere kant verwacht ik ook niet anders op zo'n nerd-congres. ;-) Helaas wordt daar in Nederland bijna nooit aandacht aan besteed in het onderwijs.

A low level introduction, I was hoping for a lot more about other NoSQL databases and at least benchmarks. A good reason to go for using MongoDB still is not clear to me. Apparently it loses your data?

Was hoping for some good examples on what can be done with MongoDB, but was left a bit disappointed.
Might be a good idea to dive a bit deeper in the subject before giving a presentation on the subject. I think a simple map/reduce example would be needed to make it a complete presentation, preferably in such a way that is clear what can be done with it.
Skip the demo and just put it as prefabricated examples on the slides. The subject allows you to do that.
Although a live demo is cool, you need a bit more knowledge on the subject and speaking experience to pull that one off and still give a good presentation.
More knowledge on the subject would also allow for answering questions more easily.

But most importantly: don't let me stop you from doing another talk!

I don't doubt that the speaker knows what to do with MongoDB, but presenting is something quite different than programming. It looked like he didn't practice his slides too often or didn't practice it with audience in a larger room than the default office room. In a room like the dutch room it's important to speak very clear where he had the tendency to mumble a little.
Regarding the slides: Think your story though. There should be a clear story behind your talk.
During work there are particular issues you encountered with MySQL, address them in your talk. Because of those issues you went to look for a storage which could handle your data and didn't have those issues. When choosing that new storage, you've made a trade-off: mention this comparison in your talk. After that you could've proceeded with MongoDB: basic API overview (we're programmers, we're used to this) and some examples.

In the end I actually expected to get to know what the strong points of MongoDB are, how it relates to other NoSQL storages, mostly in terms of ease of use, and how it compares to a traditional SQL storage like MySQL. I wanted to know where the switching point is: when to use a NoSQL and when to use an SQL storage.

If this was your first presentation: don't quit. Try to think as your audience when composing your story. As I said earlier: presenting is something different than programming!

Thanks to you all for your honest comments,
It was my first presentation for such a large audience and I find it very difficult to do.
I'm not sure if will do it again but maybe another time with more preparation and in another form.
And the room did not made it easier because it was split in half.
Tnx anyway for commenting, it helps a lot.