PHP – Status Check


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Awesome content! Great points to think about, thank you for sharing.

Completely agree with DragonBe, great talk with very interesting content! Thanks!

Very good presentation, clear and straight forward.

Anonymous at 23:02 on 17 Sep 2011

Thank you Zeev for the explanation of your point of view. Very interesting aspects which I will think about. I'm glad to hearing more from you.

Great talk by Zeev about how mature and well-known PHP is, and that it has a long way to go.
Thanks Zeev for the entertaining stories.

Incredibly relevant talk about the current trends, mobile and cloud and the impact it has or will have on PHP. The talk had a good pace, enough humour to keep it light, but at the same time touched very interesting subjects. Enjoyed it immensely.

Obviously an experienced speaker, Zeev took a eagle-eye perspective on current developments. Multiple subjects previously discussed that day came back in his overview. Nice summary, very relevant, well presented and of course it's even more interesting to hear his personal opionions because he's Zeev Suraski.

Great lo listen to him.

This was great. Interesting all the way.

Where are the slides?

Great talk with lots of interesting information about the status of PHP. Obviously an experienced speaker which was fun to listen to.