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Again a great edition of this event! Interesting subjects! Kudos to the organization!

However, I somewhat missed the famous "Broodje Kroket" during lunch, but lunch without that was good too! ;-)

Well organized event with a good lineup of talks, really liked the diversity. Thanks for all the effort put into this!

Had a great day, excellent organisation, good speakers doing good presentations on many interesting subjects.
High quality event, even more considering the low ticket price. Good job guys, see you next year.

I think it was a great succes with a lot of information and very nice speakers, thanks to all and see you next year !

Excellent conference. Nothing to add.

Wow, the wifi was EXCELLENT, well done! The rest of the conference went smooth and I had a good time, it's noticed that some effort is taken into picking the talks - Really great lineup. Thanks for an awesome conference. :)

Excellent conference. I was positively surprised by the overall quality of both the talks and everything surrounding it. It felt like excellent value, especially for the little money we had to pay to attend. I had expected that we had to pay for our own lunch, so that was a nice surprise as well (although I think they had underestimated the hunger of PHP developers ;-)). One suggestion for the next conferenc: I missed something like a bookstand where you could buy PHP and webrelated books.