Talk comments

@Nils Adermann

I think @Robin S was talking about a live demo, and it would be really cool to see composer install all dependencies

@theo: Most of this I got from experience, so I can't really give you a clear list of books. I tried searching around, but can't really find something that matches this exactly.

Thanks everybody so much for your feedback. I'll be sure to add more concrete examples and a bit more structure. Thanks for helping me making this talk better!

Anonymous at 13:12 on 19 Sep 2012

Very good. Sometimes a bit fast and hard to follow. But it was amusing and useful.

Nice talk, a bit fast. And I would have liked to see more examples where we can use this in daily life except our connection with the Github API :)

Great talk. Nice to hear how a developer can promote him-/herself these days, to separate ourselves from the nephews and copy/paste people.
Important stuff!

Interessant onderwerp, vond het wel lastig in de presentatie komen.
Veel logische statements op het scherm die dan weer veel herhaald werden door de spreker, lastig je aandacht er dan bij te houden.

Great talk with live demo's! Would have liked some more examples for when to use which profiling tool.

Nice talk, I missed the overview a bit. But nice to hear the possibilities of all methods.

Goede presentatie en boeiend om naar te luisteren. Leuk om te horen dat de focus op openheid en verwachtingen is gelegd!