Composer: Project Dependency Management for PHP


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Good speaker with a good talk!

The slides should be a bit more polished ^^

I have to agree with Hugo. Do some polishment on your slides and any conference wants to have this talk in their schedule

Great intro to Composer.

Great talk, always great to hear about a project from its creators, the passion always shows.

I think the slides and structure could be a little more adjusted, some people new to composer might be confused.

Nice overview, however more effort in producing the slides wouldn't heart

Nice presentation to get you motivated to use composer (if you aren't going to anyway)
Really liked your style are clear english. The slides did't bother me at all.
One thingh though. Please repeat the question before answering it, because 1/2 the room can't hear the question. But this goed for all pfc speakers.

Already knew about composer and am using it as well, still a good job on getting people on hooked on composer. As an unexperienced congres attendant i did not notice anything improvable on the slides, i guess thats for the more advanced conference visitors.
Hope to see composer become the standard for project dependency management in PHP and getting the love it deserves.

Anonymous at 23:56 on 15 Sep 2012

Good presentation.

The slides maybe being a bit simplistic didn't bother met at all. I got a good introduction to composer and enjoyed your presenting style.

For me personally there was a bit of information overload at the end, but I think that is also because I have little experience with this type of topic. Very interesting though!

Maybe you could introduce also a practical example in your slides, where you have a real life (or semi-real life) project and show how you would go about using this together with composer, packagist etc, so that we can actually see composer in action as well.

I came in late so it's a bit hard for me to tell, the part of the talk I saw was great however, keep up the good work! :)

@Strabs Thanks for pointing that out again! Meant to do that and then entirely forgot about it, will try and pay more attention to that in the future.

@Robin Wasn't creating a new Symfony project and using composer to install its dependencies a practical real life example?

@Nils Adermann

I think @Robin S was talking about a live demo, and it would be really cool to see composer install all dependencies