Rock Solid Deployment of PHP Apps


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So much content that there is very little time to discuss them in detail. But very useful for people new to the subject

Pointed out a lot of tools one can look into further. A really good overview rather than an in depth discussion of an individual tool.

@Bas, I agree! Unfortunately the delay to get started did not help as I could not do the demo which I think it is important.

I think the talk had too much content and we could not dedicate enough time to each topic

I loved the overview of tools and techniques, giving enough hints to investigate further. Not in-depth about a single topic, but describing many things involved with deployment was very usefull in my opinion. Now we know what talks to attend on other conferences for more in-depth information.

Anonymous at 21:54 on 15 Sep 2012

great speaker! he was funny and it was very informative. hope you come back to holland !

A great introduction into deploying application. The presentation touches on a lot of topics that tend to be overlooked or underestimated.

Anonymous at 00:01 on 16 Sep 2012

A very informative talk, but it a real shame there was no time for the demo.

Anonymous at 00:08 on 16 Sep 2012

Lots of information and a good checklist of all the possibilities. At the end the talk becamee somewhat monotone, and the main message was lost in the details. I suspect that the speaker has a lot of experience, but in the end it didnot show. But overall a good and complete introduction.

Good talk about the things developers typically hate: using tools to facilitate deployment.

A very complete overview.

Thanks, Pablo, for all the information and suggestions.

It has been said before. A good talk, but touching too much subjects, so I had trouble remembering everything that got said.

The presentation started 'slowly' like an introduction,
but got very interesting half way.

Maybe you could spend less time with the general overview
& more time for the 2nd half.