Debugging HTTP


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Nice and well explained talk, learned about some great new tools!

Very good talk for starters. With Lorna's style it's always fun to listen. Personally the talk could have been more in depth as much of the stuff I already knew. However, Charles was new to me and it sounds definitively useful!

A last remark: great to have videos, as working with a real time demo could go wrong or frustrate listeners.

Good talk!

Could go a bit deeper into the listner app and the proxy app.

But overall very good talk.

Anonymous at 21:18 on 14 Sep 2013

Good talk about the basics, with a few good tricks about somewhat more advanced use of Charles. Movies for the demo are really smart!

Anonymous at 23:50 on 14 Sep 2013

Talk was good, but I would not prefer to choose those programs.. i'm fine with firebug and sandboxes for my APIs

Excellent talk, especially for those starting out with debugging HTTP. The use of videos rather than live tools is something more speakers should consider, since it improves the flow of the talk considerably. Wireshark and Charles were news to me.

Great talk! Very useful tools explained in a clear way, this talk is just what you need and want to know about debugging HTTP :)

Perfectly delivered (as usual), and very interesting content. Even though I new about most of the tools, walking away with one new tool to try is a huge win.

Solid, funny and informative talk, as always!
A good explanation of the variety of tools, especially about the fancy things you can do with debugging mobiles through charlesproxy.

Good expose of the tools and as an introduction to the subject. Good pace of delivery and kept the audience with you. More advanced users would generally already be further on than this talk, however a good refresh non-the-less.

Great talk with a good expose of http debugging tools. I think it was a great talk for the people who are starting with http debugging. After this talk i have buy your book PHP web services

I'm not new to the subjects and tools explained in the talk (except charles, which has been added to the arsenal instantly). But I was very much impressed with Lorna's ability to explain the material.
You get a sense of simplicity that I never experienced while learning how to debug this stuff on my own.

Great talk, good pace, the video's made the tools more come to life then just pictures in slides.

Very nice talk, giving lots of practical information on debugging HTTP. Especially great were the many examples and the use of videos to actually show what happens.

Charles was new to me, and worth checking out.

The talk was given very smoothly. Good pace to keep up with. I knew about both tools already, but I hadn't seen Charles in action yet. Got some good pointers and ideas from this talk.

Nice one! Thanks.