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"funny brainfuck" is a good description, @Grummfy

Really great talk, love the enthusiasm. In hindsight, now (seeing the result of the vote on PHP internals) might just be the perfect time te start using Hack.

on PHP 7

Anonymous at 15:34 on 2 Feb 2015

Felt like a book promo mostly

It was a nice talk, but don't bait-and-switch. most people would be interested in Hack anyway :)

on PHP 7

It was a nice talk, I think some more concrete examples would be nice - the boxes are quite abstract, but sort of works.

I think you should mention that when you talk about changes it really means API changes and not any code change (or so I assume)

Would be nice to also talk about proper SEMVER and Unit Tests and how they can help creating stable stuff

great talk. One remark, not enought.... next time speak more!

Talk is intresting but more about hack. So it's why the note is lower than what it could be.

on PHP 7

Great talk, with great reminder about composer and it's environment.
Great talker too.

Clear talk about spl, with funny brainfuck. More people should have been present. SPL still underused!

Anonymous at 19:45 on 1 Feb 2015

It was great seeing Matthias' talk, he's got great knowledge regarding package design. Might buy one of his books!