Talk comments

Jan is a very gifted speaker, it was obvious he was confident and that he knew what he was talking about. The talk had a nice rhytm and was interesting. It was very clear to me "why" it would be useful to make your own package, however I would have liked -especially for a technical audience in a PHP meetup - some more technical and implementation details from the talk as to "how" one should go about starting to create their own packages. eg. The how to start your own section could be more interesting to me if you added some code snippets, or some examples of best practices. The talk certainly piqued my interest and i will certainly do some extra reading on the subject.

I really enjoyed the talk. I already played around with the dashboard a little bit, but the presentation really helped me to understand more of the nuts and bolts of the application. I especially liked that the talk was quite technical, but never complex. Everything was explained in such a way that even beginners in vue could stay engaged with the talk.
Extra points for the band-shirt freek was wearing.

This was the third time I saw Freek speaking, and it has always been a pleasure. Freek manages to talk you through an interesting subject in a warm, friendly and humorous manner. He knows a lot about the technologies he uses, but manages to bring across his humble and eager-to-learn spirit.

This talk was exactly what a demo talk should be. Just the right balance between some background information, showing code, even live coding - which went smoothly! Freek managed to convey his enthousiasm and made me wanna dive into vue.js right away.