Our June meetup will be held at Spilberg Belgium. Their offices are located on the beautiful Graanmarkt.

Wednesday 28th June 2017

Developing a webapp is easy, making it perform well for marketeers isn't. Or is it?
Talk by Tim Vermaercke (30 minutes)

Everyone knows (in some way) how to build a web app. Writing code isn't that hard, just visit Codeacademy to learn how.However, it's not because the code is bug-free, or your app looks great or is optimised for any kind of load, that you'll get people to actually visit your app.This talk contains some lessons learned from working together with any kind of profile: UX architects, visual designers and more importantly online marketeers, to make your site perform and compete in the Google search result

Introduction to Magento 2 module development
Talk by Joke Puts (30 minutes)

Magento 2 is a commerce platform released since November 2015. In this introduction I’ll focus on the open source version, Magento Community and show you how easy it is to start creating modules for this platform. These modules can be used to customize your store or to publish on the Magento Marketplace.