Talk comments

Dries Vints at 18:52 on 29 Jun 2017

Great job! You handled your talk very well. The talk could easily be extended by some more beginner-stuff. Some of the code samples were a little hard to digest, try to keep those as simple as possible. Hope to see more from you in the (near) future! :-)

Dries Vints at 18:49 on 29 Jun 2017

Good talk! Some good pointers I'll be using soon in a project :-)

Perhaps try it in English next time, that way more people can listen to what you have to say.

This talk contained some good info on how to get started with module development in Magento 2. The slides were ok and everything was clearly explained. For this kind of talk however, it could be fun to just create a little module on stage instead of showing code on slides.

You picked a good angle of showing some Magento 2 related stuff to a general PHP audience, and I hope you'll do it again (nudge for a Magento practical intro for dummies talk)

Good introduction to technical seo. A lot of valuable tips (adding a title, using a sitemap, adding redirects ...) were presented in a clear way. What I kinda missed in the talk were some actionable tips on how to interpret Google Analytics data to improve seo for an existing site. But I guess that could almost be a talk on it's own.

In any case, well done!

Here are some links to packages to improve Seo for Laravel apps: