Talk comments

Thijs Feryn at 10:54 on 6 Apr 2016

Your entire talk was a great introduction. Just when I thought you would get started, you ended. A WTF moment ;-)

A complete mismatch with what I expected. Was really hoping to learn more about ReactPHP/Filesystem and other related projects.

If you manage to do that and trim down the unix filesystem intro stuff, you got yourself a killer talk.

Thijs Feryn at 10:51 on 6 Apr 2016

Good talk, nice overview & intro about the TheseDays ChatOps integration. Was hoping get more in-depth information on how to implement this myself. Was also hoping to get more info on the Slack-side of the project and how you implemented the commands & bots.

The talk itself was good. You gave some good examples and I really liked the pace and the confident style of presenting.

However, the talk was a bit on the short side. Right after the part about inodes I though "ok, now it's getting started, let's go", but then the talk was over. I understand with these kinds of talks it's hard to strike the balance between holding the hand of the audience and diving (too) deep. However itt's probably safe to eg. explain os x's flags (that you mentioned a bit more), or tell what makes a filesystem like zhs special, etc.

I'd love to see this at another user group (or conference) as a 50 minute talk, because you obviously know your stuff very well.

That previous comment (23:17) was mine. Forgot to login. Here's 4 thumbs up again :-)

Anonymous at 23:17 on 1 Apr 2016

(for the record: I only saw the last 20 minutes)

I thought it was a very cool subject. Your enthusiasm certainly was a big plus. You were clearly a bit nervous, and I think that's why you spoke a little quick sometimes. If you want to fleshen out this talk you could consider giving some more code examples.

But for a first talk this was a-ok! Job well done.

Anonymous at 09:45 on 1 Apr 2016

Interesting and fun, nice talk!
Still wondering if a fail-over when slack is down, would impact delivery time or if all is back to manual

Very good for a first talk. You had a well structured talk and delivered it with confidence. Content-wise i think some additional context of what deploying involves would have been nice for the hobbyists in the audience who might be less familiar with the general principles. Style-wise try to pay attention to talking in a consistently loud and clear voice. But definitely keep presenting!

Interesting subject. I liked the talk but wanted to see more depth. You covered the problems, but didn't say as much as i would have liked about the solutions. A small nitpick: some of the text was hard to read due to the background images. Aside from that, please grow this talk and keep bringing it.

Good talk! That's some difficult material you brought :D

The talk itself was good, could clearly understand and hear you and the pace was good.

I think the talk itself would benefit even more if you gave even more examples of what you were trying to show us. It would make the whole a lot clearer I believe.

The one thing I think I'd want to see from this talk is more! I think you could easily make this a much longer talk by diving deeper into the subject, giving more examples, etc. So definitely try to put more content in :)

Hope to see you speak again soon! :)

For your first talk, you did very well. Congrats!

Your slides and demo were all good. The minions were a nice touch :)

You also spoke very well. I think if you practiced on speaking a bit more slowly and calmly it would be perfect. But again, for your first talk it was good :)
One thing I'd drop from the talk is the opening sound. I was a bit confused at first because I thought someone's cellphone was ringing. But hey this could be just me.
I think you're also ready do to a longer talk so keep practicing and perhaps try a longer one next time.

Looking forward to seeing you speak again!