Talk comments

Awesome talk! I really got the idea behind Event Sourcing now. Like I said to you, the only downside is that you need to have to have a basic idea about the fundamentals of DDD. Perhaps warn users in your talk description about that. Otherwise: keep up practising and giving this talk!

Good talk! I really think you can extend this talk with more in depth details about (private) Satis setups. Perhaps also talk about ToranProxy?

If you extend this talk with more in depth details about private Composer usage it could very well be a 45-min talk on its own which you can give regularly. Keep it up! :)

Mitchell very well managed to enlight us with his enthousiasm for Event Sourcing, and everything around it. I definitely learned a lot and can't wait to explore things further. The talk was fast paced, some would say a little bit too fast, but all in all it was really great.

Also thanks Mitchell for entertaining us with about four or five other talks on various interesting topics while we had a beer :-) You're an awesome teacher!

Nice, short and to the point introduction in Satis. Freek explained everything in a clear and relaxed way. Freek told us it was his first time as a speaker - hopefully it won't be the last time!