Talk comments

Dag Ivarsøy at 12:11 on 22 May 2015

I enjoyed Andrew's presentation. I found him easy to follow all the way throughout the talk. The topic was interesting, but I wish it was ready to be put in a production environment.

Dag Ivarsøy at 12:04 on 22 May 2015

I really enjoyed the talk. I felt it was personal and I could relate to it. Thank you for the nice introduction to PSR-7 and Slim :-)

It was really nice to get some insight into the latest iteration of the Slim framework from someone who was clearly knowledgeable about it - and a decent introduction to PSR-7 and some of its key features. I like Rob's style of talking too; really laid back with good practical examples.

Andrew is a new speaker, but you wouldn't have known it; he delivered his talk well - clearly and well-paced. The content was rather specialised and I personally don't see a real-life use for it, but nevertheless interesting to hear and got some good discussions going. :D

A good quick explanation of PSR-7 and an excellent thorough intro to the fundamentals of Slim (and it seems, most microframeworks are pretty similar!). Relative to Andrew, Rob spoke quite quietly and my hearing isn't great, but nevertheless a great talk, thank you Rob :)

Andew is a good, confident new speaker, very clearly spoken. The pace was consistent, but I think this could be improved if this talk was done again... I think the first section (introducing CGI/FPM/basics etc.) should've been rushed a bit more, so that more focus and detail be explored in PHPFastCGI & PHP-PM, which I believe was the intended focus of the talk. However, despite this, it was overall a good talk with interesting content - with a bit of practice Andrew could become a great speaker - thanks Andrew :)