Event Storming is a lightweight discovery and collaborative learning tool for exploring complex domains and problems. Using Events, the first-class citizens of modern software development, in very short period of the time we can discover, model and visualize flows, aggregates, bounded contexts, business rules and related hotspots, commands, read-models… Event Storming is also a communication platform and knowledge transfer tool you may apply to release into production proper developer’s understanding of the problem, not assumptions or speculations.

During this talk you will learn about Event Storming core concepts, patterns and best-practices you may apply in your next complex project. You will also learn how to use Event Storming on different levels, from big-picture system overview to designing aggregates, commands and merging output of Event Storming session with CQRS, Event Sourcing and Domain Driven Designs implementations.


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Morten Bergset at 10:58 on 4 Nov 2017

I loved your talk. I will use event storming to get input from everyone, when building our next CRM (using Symfony 4). Thanks!

Hugo Hamon at 12:00 on 4 Nov 2017

Very interesting and inspirational talk about event storming. I liked the information given about discovering bounded contexts, potential bugs or limitations, etc. It would have been even better to get some real examples with one of your event storming sessions from your personal experience. This would have brought more concrete insights and value to the talk. Thank you very much!

Really interesting talk, there is a long part about the theory though and maybe it could make place for more concrete examples (that you've seen)? Thank you for the talk!

Great method to cut unproductive meetings and getting things done ✅ Thanks Mariusz for this ??

Sebastian Haja at 12:07 on 5 Nov 2017

Very good speak! Thank you. I will try to use event storming for sure.

Tomasz Kunicki at 22:44 on 6 Nov 2017

nice and light talk about ES.