Web Services


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very good pointers on building web services

Nice, easy tour through web services from a practical perspective. Loved the examples and sample code.

Really good overview of the basic concepts and best practices of developing web services. Lorna Jane is a pleasure to listen to.

Really great content on building robust and usable services! Lorna Jane is a great presenter, and obviously knows her subject matter well.

Awesome session, Lorna knows how to speak extremely well - she also definitely knows what she's talking about. I especially love her sharing her sample code with us!

Great talk Lorna. Learned some new things about RESTful services. Lots of good "take backs".

Lorna's a great presenter. This was a fantastic walkthrough of the ins and outs of building and consuming Web services. Her content was perfect for newbies, or as a refresh for experienced API developers alike.

Terrific talk - a great overview with just the right technical level and lots of good details on best practices. I'm really inspired to get home and figure out what I can turn into a true web service.

Great talk, started with the basics and then filled in with some great detail and best practices. Lorna Jane is a great presenter, and it's obvious she knows her topic very well.

Got an education on the right way to make web services, despite a fair amount of experience consuming them. Lorna is indeed an excellent presenter and really cleared some things up for me (esp. SOAP vs REST vs XML-RPC, and the proper use of the HTTP protocol).

Lorna was a great presenter who was very knowledgeable about web services. She presented this is a fun but informative way. Although some of the information she presented was outside my current scope of knowledge, it was still very interesting to learn some more. I look forward to any future talks by her, especially when I have a few more years experience/knowledge and am able to take in even more of her knowledge the next time around.

Lots of great information on connecting to APIs via PHP. The necessary introductory info was a bit basic, but very important for newcomers to the concept. On the whole, well presented.

A solid presentation on the fundamentals of building and consuming webservices. Even though I "knew" most of the things presented, getting all the pieces in one coherent and well presented talk took my understanding of web APIs to the next level.

Also, the parts about building web APIs were fantastic; I used to think I didn't do that, however in discussions after, apparently every AJAX call is really building a small API and should follow the best practices outlined in this talk.

The best thing is that this was a fairly comprehensive overview of the various techniques and formats in use. When most of us develop, we find something that works and has support and go with it. When that happens, we sometimes don't look back at the landscape and see what else is going on (as we've already found what works for us). I never really have needed SOAP, for example, so I knew only a little about it. By presenting and contrasting it with the technologies I do use (including code examples), it makes it much more clear what "that thing they use over there" is, and what the strengths and weaknesses are. A well presented overview of the subject, sprinkled with specific examples.

This was pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about building a web services with PHP. Here heartbeat idea is one that I will definitely implement.

I'm building an API now, and this talk helped a lot in teaching and reinforcing best practices. It also showed me some things I didn't know about non RESTful web services.

Having just started an API project this was a great affirmation that I was on the right track and pointed out some helpful things that I overlooked. Very well presented.

Thoroughly enjoyed hearing Lorna talk about Web Services. She presented the format seemlessly and effortlessly as well as making it very enjoyable to learn something new. Furthermore, it was a pleasure meeting her and getting to discuss her background and how she got started in the field later during the conference. Can't wait to hear more that Lorna has to discuss at future conferences, as I'm sure she'll be one of the leading experts in the field for quite a while.