Talk comments

Kiel Goodman at 10:04 on 26 Nov 2018

Imposter syndrome is regularly (and rightly so) talked about, everyone feels it in some way or another.

Kiel Goodman at 10:02 on 26 Nov 2018

There was a clear thread throughout the entire talk which covered the expectation vs. reality. There was also some interesting discussions at the end which explored some ways juniors developers faced unrealistic expectations and a mature approach on handling it.

The talk itself was fast paced and a little difficult to follow at times due to meme jumping in the slides, less slides could have more of an impact.

Adam Cooper at 22:11 on 24 Nov 2018

Interesting to see a point of view I'd long forgotten. Also, excellent use of memes.

Adam Cooper at 22:09 on 24 Nov 2018

Loved the content of this talk, and it's delivery. I would like to see a longer version of it.

Gareth Jones at 13:17 on 24 Nov 2018

Good talk, covered majority of the bases. Would be cool to see something about performance testing / regression tests.

A talk that speaks to all of us.. Sam eloquently delivered a great talk on a topic that certainly effects everyone at one point of another. Talk to people, Write stuff down, Treat yourself, Find somebody who you can share honesty with, find a good way to break out of a negative feedback loop and help others to feel better about themselves.

Ace stuff.

Love Clark's style of presenting... Very honest and entertaining!

Very interesting and succinct... Thanks!