The time where we talked about the traditional LAMP stack is way behind us. In this day-and-age you build applications with a distributed architecture in mind: consuming externals services and setting up microservices yourself. In this talk I will show how to prepare your code for distributing responsibilities. Now you can build fast, resilient and scalable applications without spending too much money. Get ready for the future!


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This presentation was great because brought one important aspect that all of developers must know

Good content and great speaker

Danilo Lima at 10:35 on 29 Mar 2017

Nice content.

Mariana Zorzo at 10:44 on 29 Mar 2017

Good content and great speaker!

Rafael Reis at 12:03 on 29 Mar 2017

Great Lecture!

Bruno Pereira at 12:32 on 29 Mar 2017

great content

Great content, good presentation

Celso Lopes at 16:12 on 29 Mar 2017

Very good content and great speaker

Cleiton Alves at 16:35 on 29 Mar 2017

This lecture was great!

Michel Lima at 18:01 on 29 Mar 2017

Great Lecture

Great lecture and good speaker

Just awesome, it's a must-watch piece of work on how to learn about modern environments and what you need to keep an eye for.


Ravan Scafi at 11:12 on 30 Mar 2017

Great talk. It emphasized that for high availability, you must consider other cloud solution, not only the same one on a different region. Perhaps even on a different continent. It is not something that everyone thinks about, so great job!

Great content and really nice keynote. I missed some examples using docker containers and containers orchestration.

Daniel Dias at 15:33 on 3 Apr 2017

Good content and great speaker

Great DevOps aspects. And great insigths.!!