MicroServices is now a days the preferred architecture chosen by companies to develop their application.
It consists of breaking down an application into independent pieces that communicate with each other. From an Infrastructure perspective it can be overwhelming for some companies to administer and deploying all the servers that host their microservices. In this workshop we'll show you how to host your microservices without worrying about infrastructure using AWS' Lambda, so you can focus on the what not the how when it comes to deploying your services.


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Great case

Danilo Lima at 10:36 on 29 Mar 2017

Great use of AWS Lambda

Rafael Reis at 12:04 on 29 Mar 2017

Greate lecture.

Bruno Pereira at 12:34 on 29 Mar 2017

great insights and examples.

Great example of serverless structure! Congrats!

Greate examples

Greate lecture.

Vitor Mattos at 16:04 on 31 Mar 2017

Great lecture and great success case about serverless applications. Congrats!

It was cool and ok. Great insights.