Talk comments

Denis Dudarev at 18:59 on 16 Jun 2018

Tobias Cheers) It was the time I involved to contribute opensource =)

With a great balance between presentation and live coding it was a super smooth talk, showing how easy it can be to implement notifications on Laravel and for sure creating room to improve many applications!

I for sure didn't have experience with Alexa and this gave a proper introduction with a possibility to implement something nice, maybe my Alex will be useful now after this talk!

Great presentation, for those who didn't know how symfony worked internally I can only think they now know it and had a lot of fun during the presentation, well done!

Excellent speech. 40 minutes passed in one breath. Despite the fact that the topic was generalized - I noted for myself a lot of things and I think that it is very cool! I hope you still come to Kiev, and even better in Odessa, and even better make a workshop =)

Pavel at 09:41 on 12 Jun 2018

It was good for docker beginners, Dmytro explained with and without docker-compose. Of cause, some commands in cli were too long and sometimes not fully clear, but Dmytro tryied to explain all options he applied. I visited both sessions, and will definitely recommend to check video for those who is beginner in docker.

Maks Burii at 14:26 on 11 Jun 2018


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Fwdays at 13:51 on 11 Jun 2018


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A good address.

on Opening

I find the concept of middleware rather interesting though it won't probably be a silver bullet. The talk itself was interesting and one could easily understand it without deep PHP knowledge.