Talk comments

Anonymous at 22:58 on 15 Jun 2015

Mark, thank you for preparing this talk, you had enthusiasm for the subject (very important) and made a persuasive case for the use of generators.

The code examples in the middle were difficult to follow, perhaps greater use of pseudo code might have helped.

I would also have been interested to hear your views on the merits of unit testing generators versus other approaches.

I also really enjoyed this talk, and definitely plan on trying to be aware of situations where I could use generators when I write code in the future. Generators aren't really a topic I had looked much into before although I knew roughly what they are. There was quite a lot of code on the screen to take in at once, but I don't know what could've been done instead given this is such a code-related talk.

Really enjoyed the talk. Got a tiny bit lost under some of the examples as there were a lot but on the whole the examples were simple to follow and very useful.