Talk comments

Lee Boynton at 10:09 on 10 Mar 2016

An enjoyable talk, it was interesting to hear about how a business has developed. It was confidently delivered, and would definitely like to hear more talks from Pete!

Lee Boynton at 09:45 on 10 Mar 2016

This talk was delivered with lots of enthusiasm and hopefully has encouraged a few people to do a bit more open source work. I enjoyed the jokes too :)

I did feel that there was some repetition of content, and if I'm honest it did feel a little like you were reeling things off a list. I think the talk would have benefited from having a few more pauses in it to allow people to digest what has been said (I know this is really difficult!), and maybe a couple more things such as the "what not to do" screenshots may be good to break it up a bit more.

Overall an enjoyable talk though!

James Titcumb at 09:17 on 10 Mar 2016

David is a REALLY great speaker. Compelling, great diction and great advice in the content. Only points for improvement I'd say is the slight repetition in some content (although, I may not have noticed that if he'd not pointed it out...).

James Titcumb at 09:12 on 10 Mar 2016

A great look at the journey for starting Tap - some great anecdotes about the sort of support requests too! Good overall, and with more talks Pete will improve. I look forward to seeing more!

David Yell at 09:12 on 10 Mar 2016

An interesting talk and one that I'd be keen to hear more about. Delivered confidently but conversationally which kept it interesting. I would like to find out more about ideas which worked and those that didn't. Recovering from a stumble in a tech business often is a great teacher.