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Being my first meetup in Portsmouth, I felt both talks were a little too vague and failed to focus on a specific area, which would allow people to further their knowledge.

If talks were to be given a goal, such as:

Providing an overview of a new product, tool, package or something, which could provide a reference for future talks and/or to gauge the groups interest in the topic. e.g. What is HHVM & how can it help

Teaching on a specific area of a topic e.g. Creating a wordpress module from scratch

Experiences in the field: How we scaled MySQL to XXX connections

Something like this I think could help speakers work their talk toward an end goal and focus their content more. But more importantly, allow everyone attending to know what to expect from a talk or the whole meetup.

On another note, the water ran out half way through the evening.

Would have been nice to be able to get a hot drink. Having been at work all day, and driving an hour down to Portsmouth to sit for 2 hours a coffee would have really helped!