Talk comments

Very good 1.5+h overview on tools available for pdf generaton in the PHP ecosystem. I also liked the side dishes on the structure of pdf documents, encryption, signing etc. Well done Andreas!

And thanks to Zimmo and Bart for hosting and organizing

Bart Reunes at 08:20 on 11 May 2018

This talk exceeded my expectations, but after it, I'm very aware my expectations were not right to begin with. A very interesting talk, that will give you a good insight in how (and how not) to do pdf with php, what it is that makes it tick, and how you can start getting into it as a programmer, both creating pdf's from html as well as raw text. After already having created pdf's in a few projects beforehand, every answer I knew of was just only the introduction to this talk.

Very intresting. I would love to get an overview of the difference between the difference between pdf version and types. Otherwise it was very intresting to get theses infos. Discoverd a lot of stuff and possibilities, need time to try them ;)