Building Better Developers


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Awesome keynote. Bravo!

Great opening keynote, loved the layered build up, always a pleasure to hear the things I 'go on about' being reinforced, warm shiny :)

Anonymous at 11:07 on 19 Mar 2013

Excellent keynote, it is amazing how Rowan always themes his slides with something completely unrelated and then it always turns out to fit in perfectly. Well done

A lot of very relevant and interesting points made, delivered in an entertaining and humorous way. Really enjoyed it - thanks!

Rowan might not have had shown the passion of a Cal Evans or Michaelangelo van Dam. That might have detracted slightly as a keynote (perhaps I've been spoiled at other conferences);
but his talk was filled with good advice and suggestions to make ourselves better developer, spiced and peppered with his inimitable sense of humour. All stuff that we can do ourselves, in our own lives, from code kata to contributing to the OS and PHP communities and everything inbetween. A mix of advice linked to the game/cinema while "building" his ideal developer; but with reference to real world projects, and real world people.

Loved the Brian Blessed beard (sadly missed my own beard on my way here in the chilly Newcastle morning).

And above all, "Enjoy what you do".

I hope I never meet the hybrid developer.

Great talk, key point to take away - "enjoy what you do"

Great keynote. The mannequin wasn't that disturbing, it worked well. Very entertaining and inspirational.

And yes, the word "mannequin" is derived from the Dutch term "manneken":

Good job!

Good, solid keynote. I must admit, coming from Rowan I was expecting more humour, jokes and general audience participation - especially with a keynote.

Is it possible the room/location didn't lend itself to that 'keynote' feel - does it need a stage?

Either way, I'm beginning to expect no less from Rowan. Good job.

Great talk! Refreshing and plenty of good concepts!

Really awesome keynote. Some very good advice.

Anonymous at 11:37 on 20 Mar 2013

Lots of good practical stuff

A slow start, but some solid words of advice. I think the content would appeal to all levels of developer - something quite hard to do, but Rowan managed it well.

"The Dude abides" is my new mantra.

Incredible way to open the conference. Rowan's unique style shines once again. Very entertaining, as usual.

Very entertaining & thought provoking presentation. Great way to start the day.

Thanks Rowan

Entertainment and some key advice. An Excellent Key Note.

Very good and entertaining keynote. liked the mannequin structure to tie the different, seperated points you wanted to make together into a nice story.

Brilliant start to the day. The progressive style was entertaining and thought-provoking. Plenty to take away and build upon in the day-to-day.