What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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Thanks for hosting such a great event, and thanks for taking a punt on my talk, I really appreciate it.

I agree with everything James said, especially the wifi, which got worse the lower you descended in the building, to the point it was unusable in the main room. They say poor wifi at a tech conference is the ultimate sin, but when the speakers are interesting & engaging that doesn't matter, and for this event, it didn't matter.

Lunch was spot on, having it in a cinema meant the seats were comfy and I didn't suffer the normal conference "numb bum", the speakers hotel was awesome & in a great location for the station, event & social.

All in all thanks for making my first conference as a speaker go about as well as it could have done!

Great conference.

Just to be lazy I'm going to echo everything @Asgrim noted above and agree with it.

However, I'm going to add that the venue is beautiful and unique and I really liked that, also the circle seating in the Classic cinema is possibly the most comfortable conference seating you'll ever sit it, so top marks there!

As Asgrim noted the only downside to the venue was the queuing on the staircase for registration, which seems a bit unfortunate, although I think there were unfortunate technical issues (with Eventbrite maybe?) which caused the queue.

All in all a fantastic community-driven conference, followed by a great social that I much enjoyed. Will definitely be back next year!

PHPNE14 was great, I really enjoyed meeting new people, the talks were great and the atmosphere was great too. Here's a few random, unorganised thoughts of mine:

- Registration was "interesting", queueing on the stairs just felt a bit odd.
- Although I didn't actually have one as I'd had breakfast at the hotel, the bacon sandwiches were a GENIUS idea!
- The lunch box was great - perfect amount of food (perhaps even a little too much!) and the sandwich I had (egg and cress) was tasty.
- I loved that the leftover lunch boxes were donated - that's such a great idea.
- I felt very welcome and everyone was friendly and helpful
- WiFi was very patchy, and being a big building meant my data signal was rubbish, which sucked a bit.
- The social was great, lots of fun and well planned, but the music was very loud, which made *socialising* difficult because I couldn't hear other people very well
- The Uncon was great - I saw 3 quality talks there!

Thank you to Anthony, the whole PHPNE team, the speakers, the sponsors and the venues for putting on an awesome conference.