Talk comments

Thanks for the great feedback. I really appreciate it. Changing the title really might be a good idea. :)

Fitting end to the conference; well-balanced talk.

Cheers, thanks for the great night, well organised, and thanks for the Pi goodies after winning the pool tournament! It's powering our team dashboard as we speak :-D

Good talk, but could have benefitted from some examples in the wild, even if it needed to be in a sandboxed environment to avoid leaking company secrets!

Good talk, and good to see one on architecture that discusses more than just software. Architecture is very broad-reaching and by necessity this talk only scratched the surface of some of the topics, but did so in an engaging way. Perhaps the title could be changed to more reflect the style of delivery, as the name feels a little dry :-)

Interesting project, and a good introduction. Would be good to see more examples of building application logic with the framework.

Excellent talk, looking forward to putting it into practise. Live examples worked really well. Would have enjoyed an example of deploying to different environments for testing.

Anonymous at 14:57 on 24 Mar 2014

Fantastic talk on a brave subject often needed but not found at a tech type event, especially from a refreshing point of view. The audience were engaged and their active participation made the talk memorable.