Introduction to Apigility.


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Anonymous at 09:33 on 21 Mar 2014

This talk was a very good introduction to Apigility & how to set it up, configure it & the kind of things you can do out of the box.

Sensible use of recorded demos rather than live demos & just the right level of technical for a presentation rather than demo.

Next, I'd like to see a Apigility 201, go into a bit more depth on how to extend it.

This looks like a really interesting project. The idea of an api framework that you can mainly configure will enable rapid api development without compromising on documentation or error reporting. Also as a ZF2 module you have the power to extend and adapt it to suit your specific needs. Rob delivered the presentation in a clear and concice manner as always with a good balance of technical and functional information.

Interesting project, and a good introduction. Would be good to see more examples of building application logic with the framework.