Passing the Joel Test in the PHP World


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Good content and delivery!

This was an amazing talk, I was really impressed. This talk contains so many important lessons about PHP projects and organizations, I think this talk should be on the schedule of every PHP conference for the coming year, so that as many PHP developers as possible get exposed to this information.

Great talk - especially liked the idea of running a project out of a bug tracker and burndown charts. Plenty of questions for the bar later!

Some good stuff in there! We use trac during projects for development (start with a burndown all the tasks as tickets). Makes it really useful for tracking code reviews and merge status with the rest of the project.

The burndown itself is great for seeing how your doing against the project schedule.

Good talk and well delivered :-)

Good overview of important best practices and why you need to be aware of them.

I work with Lorna, so I should know all about the points she makes in her talk...but her talk's given me a bunch of ideas and I can't wait to try them out in my next project!

Great presentation which opened up a couple of realities which I will have to be addressing when I get back to the office. Great presentation and well delivered, thank you :)

Great talk mapping theory to real world and practical steps. I'd encourage that this talk is submitted to other conferences.

great talk by Lorna, her analysis certainly raised some issues that will make me reconsider methods that i currently use. Only criticism, which i would hope isnt really a negative, is that Lorna mentioned a few things in passing (deployment being one) that i wished she would have had more time to discuss.

I was worried this talk would try to follow the Joel test too closely and focus on bending the way we do things to fit into an imperfect model. I was pleasantly supprised that Lorna worked this angle into her presentation, and talked about how certain points applied (or didn't) to a typical web development team.

I would mark it down for the occasional tangents, but they were delivered with an enthusiastic smile so they didn't spoil the presentation at all.

Good fun and well presented - I think the points at the end about security and code review were as important as the ones covered.

Also sandwiches should be made fresh on the day, not 3 days in advance as shown in the burndown chart. Whilst I would attend and recommend another of Lorna's presentation to friends - I would not be so positive about any events she is catering. ;)

I enjoyed this talk, it mirrored precisely the decisions which we are currently making at work. Very informative! :)

Well delivered, good pace and balance of content. Quite a lot of what we already do / know we should do but that's good to confirm we're going the right way and encourage us to take the last few steps.

A great presentation, especially helpful as I'm currently looking at our working practices and project management in the office. There are a lot of useful tools and ideas that I definitely need to consider!

I already knew of the Joel Test prior to Lorna's talk but I was very interested by her thoughts on applying it to PHP development.

A very good subject by a very good speaker.