The Uncertainty Principle


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Kevlin spoke about a lot of true stuff in an amusing and entertaining way. I learned a lot for my future development efforts.

An excellent keynote full of important lessons. Brought in a very nice and funny way. A great way to start the conference!

Great start to the conference, useful and important practises fantastically covered! Great speech

Good talk, too bad it was (too) early for a Saturday morning :-)

Perfect balance of knowledge/useful statements and humour

Brilliant, animated, energetic, thoughtful, and inspiring!

Fabulous energetic keynote from Kevlin, he had an early morning geek audience laughing, impressive in itself and I know I learned a lot

Excellent talk and great start to the conference! Thanks!

Very thoughtful pointers given by Kevlin, excellent !

Good talk by Kevlin - learnt some good stuff.

Really great talk. Very interesting and engaging subject, although was a bit heavy for me that early in the morning :)

Brilliant presentation given! I learned a lot in a relatively stall amount of time and began to question my current techniques.

Superb presentation and definitely raised some points I may have to introduce to the office for further discussion.

Excellent presentation with superb incite and humour! Thanks Kevlin.

considering there was barely a mention of php this was still a great keynote. Great to listen to some general software development principles and see that they still applied to web dev.

This is what keynotes are all about, well delivered, spot-on content with a nice blend of thrown in anectodes and not-overused humour. An uplifting start to the day.

A clever mix of quantum theory, philosophy, humour, project management and coding.

Interesting and intelligent presentation - thought provoking too.

An impressive talk for both project managers and coders alike.
Set the theme for the day. Nice one.

I have to confess and say that I came to PHPNW09 as a novice developer when compared to the other people that attended; I've only had my head in PHP for just over 2 months! I'm primarily a web and print designer, so around 40% of the stuff at the conference went over my head.

But this lecture was by far the most useful. Techy enough to satisfy the hardcore people there, but generic enough to allow the lessons to be integrated into other disciplines (including my own). Good lecture overall

Nice start to the conference and a well presented talk but I didn't feel totally inspired.

The talk mentioned how too many people say their knowledge of PHP is 7 or 8 out of 10 because people don't know what they don't know. Likewise it's always possible to improve as a speaker :)

Great talk to kick off the conference with some very thought provoking concepts. It can only be a good thing when a non-technical talk makes me realise I ought to revisit some of my code!

What a fantastic start to the day! The keynote was delivered superbly by Kevlin and he did a very good job of keeping the audience engaged.

Despite lacking in PHP, his ideas, experience and advice are relevant to all areas of development, not just in PHP.

A real thought provoker. Not hard core technical but it shone a spotlight on the way we solve problems and manage risk.