Conference Speaking 101


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Good talk. If I had heard it a couple of years ago I would have had to learn by making mistakes! :-)

Good talk covering the important points. It seemed like there was more content planned, but Stefan ran out of time.

Anonymous at 21:35 on 8 Oct 2011

Interesting talk - certainly gave some pointers which would help in the future

Time was the limiting factor here... perhaps over a half-hour, it would have felt more useful, but it felt as though Stefan was too rushed in making his points without any opportunity to expand on them.

Thanks Stephan, based on this I altered my presentation to remove a lot of the text and replace them with "placeholder" images. Shame about the time as I would have loved to have heard the rest.

Stefan knows his stuff.

I've been considering doing a talk at a conference and Stefan's talk made me not only realise I had no idea how hard what these guys do actually is, but also that I definitely want to do it.

Loved Stefan's talk. all really good points. I only wished it had been videoed so we can get more people on the scene. I hope this infuses more people to give talks at phpnw user groups.

Stefan.. have you given this talk in english when its been videoed?

Good talk Stefan, it really made me want to spend some time with you in the evening to chat about talking in general, the lightning talk just whetted my appetite, I would loved to have seen more.

Can't say i'm planning on doing any talks anytime soon, but this was a great talk just for the insight gained from a guy who is obviously very good at doing just this.

Great stuff, really needed a longer time slot though.

Stefan made great use of his extensive experience and gave some excellent advice which new and experienced speakers alike would do well to listen to. The talk lacked a storyline however, and didn't seem to be sized correctly for the length of the slot. I'd say content: 5, but delivery not at the same standard.