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Enthusiastic introduction to the project.

Very good intro, I hope it worked in getting more people excited about

Anonymous at 21:36 on 8 Oct 2011

Interesting project. Wouldn't know about this site otherwise (apart from the plugs in every other talk) :)
Will have to see if I can make time to contribute

An inspirational presentation that outlined a great opportunity to get involved with a large scale open source project.

By the end of the conference it was getting a bit of an in-joke about the constant mentioning of, but if you'd been in Lorna's talk you'd have a different perspective on why this was such a good thing.

It wasn't just the content of the talk, but the enthusiasm with which it was delivered. The fact that the room was half filled with other speakers pays testament to the fact that not only does Lorna know what she's talking about, but she's able to share not just the knowledge but the enthusiasm with her audience.

Lorna is a top speaker and teacher. She didnt let her game drop in any way for this talk either. I think its an awesome way to get more people to join an open source project, and a way to recruit new people as you know the project lead's vision.

Great talk, very, very enthusiastic as always. I liked the detail on some of the issues they're having at the moment, and what is planned for the future. Even had a semi-live contribution demo, when Rob submitted a pull request later that day for the small bug found half way through the talk. :) I'm not sure how much I can help but this definitely spurred me to fork and have a look.

OKOK I joined! I'm here! I claimed my talk! I even submitted a pull request for a tiny bug I spotted when I claimed my talk.

This is a truly excellent platform for giving and receiving feedback. What I think would be a nice addition to this talk is perhaps to have some quotes from some speakers on the slides saying how much they value feedback and how it has helped them improve.

Excellent talk about, good to hear about how it benefits speakers and conference organisers. Lorna managed to enthusiastically make the case for providing feedback for talks and for contributing to the project despite it being only a fifteen minute talk.

Good talk. Made me interested in both itself AND in contributing to the opensource development.