Playing nicely with Project Managers


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as a newb on the scene I did get the message. Very nice how you make links to skating, facebook and the general debelopers history. keep up the good work!

Good presentation style. The content could have been better focused for the audience.

Anonymous at 21:44 on 8 Oct 2011

Was a good talk in general, but was rather focused on PRINCE2, rather than project management in general. However, the key points were relevant to any project management methodology, and the talk was delivered well.

Perhaps too focused on the one very detailed (and not much used outside local/central government methodology), but an amusing discussion nontheless. With all the comments about the weird and arcane language of PM, I was considering all the weird and arcane language that we developers use. Nontheless, a good glimpse of the other side of the fence, and why we do need PMs to protect us from having to deal with the real powers at the top of the project tree.

good style of presentation. I enjoyed the translating of the terms but maybe outline more common conflicts between a dev and PM with ways to deal with?

Obviously need this man to do more speaking. I'll put you down for a few more Sheffield nights. Delivery was nice and relaxed and the content was short and to the point - just right for a lightning talk session.

I think this man is someone to watch out for. His talk was funny and clear. What people are saying above me are all valid points. The slides were a little long ( from the back you couldnt see the last bullets, but i am short). I hope you saw the Conference Speaking 101 by Stefan, i think taking some pointers from that will improve your speaking alot!

This talk was slick. It was well delivered and amusing. Yes, it may have been a bit focused on one particular aspect but it's better to talk about something you know well than bluff your way through something you don't.

Very good talk.

Though the topic was pretty focused on one part or things, the content was well known to Wes and as such it was delivered in a nice manner that flowed well. Would like to see more of Wes talking with more time to put in so that the whole topic can be adequately explored

Anonymous at 13:53 on 10 Oct 2011

The talk was delivered well and was interesting to learn about the project hierarchy in more detail.

Great approach to presenting. The content was engaging, to the point and interesting with some good analogies being used.

So you know, you got a well-respected score of 8 on the lingo bingo game ;)

Beautiful slides but with far too much content on them, which was distracting as I can't read and listen at the same time. The delivery was great, relaxed and engaging at the same time, good use of questions and pauses, and with some dynamic range. I wasn't sure the content was well-structured or targeted, although I thought that the individual points were nicely made. Overall: good job.

This was an engaging and entertaining talk that I thoroughly enjoyed. As others have said it was quite focused in a particular area but the points made could be applied in many situations. Hopefully we'll see you speaking at more conferences in the future!

For me personally, this wasn't really a lot of new information. However, you kept my attention and the way you presented it was great! You should speak more often :)

I really enjoyed this talk. Having had recent problems working with project managers, it was quite eye opening to project managers function and the things I'd been missing, which had harmed relationships with the project managers.