Zend Framework 2: state of the art


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Anonymous at 11:36 on 8 Oct 2011

Interesting thanks, look forward to the release

Interesting talk - nice overview but lacking enough depth - but time constraints etc.

Nice to hear about the classmap and di stuff.

A great overview of what to expect.

lot of "good news" ;-)

Good points were that it showed us some of the new stuff in ZF 2.0. What to expect in the next release etc.

Slightly disappointed that although DI is an important addition, speaker was not ready for questions about Unit Testing, which must be a key reason for implementing DI.

Overall an interesting insight into the next release.

Language was a struggle, I guess. It'd be really helpful for Enrico to get some feedback from a native speaker. It could really make him improve his talks in the future.

Anonymous at 16:55 on 9 Oct 2011

Nice overview for such a big subject. Look forward to downloading the beta.

A little bit too sparse to talk about at the moment but I like the direction that the framework is taking.

Nice overview of some key features to zf2, nice introduction

A good overview for the project and some good features. The answer to the question about DI and unit testing must have been misunderstood I think.

Good overview of what to expect for v2. Lots of content and not enough time made the presentation feel a little rushed.

otherwise was good talk.

Good talk and news coming from the core of development.

The question about unit tests and Di *container* configuration was misplaced, as the guy who asked it later admitted: the container is a tool to configure an entire tree of dependencies, so it's not to be used while unit testing. DI is a concept which the DI*C* depends upon.

I realize that it's very hard to talk futuristic and the talk that Enrico gave made me feel like I know where ZF2 is heading now. So it was good! I'm not expecting to hear a full out speech about ZF2 before it's even in Beta :)

A reasonably good update. I would have preferred more detail, (and possibly a more complete list of changes) but obviously time is limited.

Promised to be an interesting talk but felt it unfortunately underdelivered a little. To be fair to Enrico, he did a very good job of getting over the language barrier, but I think the real problem was that it appears from the talk that ZF2 just isn't far enough along yet to go into much depth over.

Good talk, interesting hearing about the inclusion of DI container and event manager in ZF2. But couldn't help but feel the talk lacked any depth as the slides were just re-iterated and not explained in detail. Even though ZF2 has not reached beta, some of these features still could have made for an interesting technical overview of the advantages they will bring to ZF2.

The question about the DIC I thought was valid, essentially asking if the DI container configuration is independent from the component to allow objects to be mocked when testing. The question probably wasn't direct, but it was a shame it never received an answer.

Nice to see where ZF2 is heading but I think the language barrier caused some issues with the questions.

Would have been nice to focus on one or two of the more finalised aspects of ZF2 and spend more time discussing use-cases, benefits, improvements, etc. The new event management system and dependency injection system, for example. I'm looking forward to using ZendDi - especially now that I know we should be able to configure our code using annotations.

I also felt it would have been better to focus on just 1 or, at most, 2 aspects of the improvements. With the time constraints making it impossible to go into any detail, it turned into what was really an overview.

As someone who has only a passing knowledge of ZF1 it was pitched quite well, as it didn't rely on the audience having a great amount of experience with the framework. Maybe would have been better keeping the questions until the end, as a couple derailed the talk; if they'd come up at the end it would have been easier to resolve them. Good presentation style, and easy to understand.

Enrico, you've done a great job talking about something that has such a high demand for information but is still surrounded by a fog of uncertainty. And I have to admit, you have done a great job explaining what's coming.

I'm new to ZF but this talk was still very useful for comparison with your (current) framework-of-choice. Enrico's examples were concise and practical and feature coverage was good too.

It was really good to get an overview of the things that are new in ZF2.
Enrico pointed out that the components described in the talk/slides might slightly change in the future, but all in all the presentation provided a good overview of what's coming.

A nice intro to some of the newer features of ZF2 that I haven't had a chance to glaze over yet...

However, I did feel that some parts were rushed, and the questions were not quite answered, especially Mike's one about testing with mockup objects, which would've been an important point for me too.

Not bad overall!

A good overall introduction to ZF2. Though it feels like there are too much for the amount of time that was available.

Introduced well the ZF2 to me, but lacked involvment

Enrico fastidiously avoided announcing any release dates, but he was still able to engage my interest. He did a good job explaining some of the more complex principles that will be available.
My only criticism is that I thought he skipped over a few of the subjects a bit quickly.

Good overview of new features of ZF2 but I think the quick examples need more real world feel that "foo bar" examples which don't really help in my eyes.

Good, informative talk. My critique is: try to talk about less, or have more time. Not your fault though.