Debugging: Past, Present and Future


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David Goodwin at 14:46 on 4 Oct 2014

Shame it didn't cover more on the PHP dbg extension.

Anonymous at 14:47 on 4 Oct 2014

Good but the phpdbg section could be improved. It comes across as dismissive/biased and you don't seem to have tried to research before hand.

Agree with previous comments about phpdpg, otherwise great!

More on dbg would've been nice - but it was a good talk and I definitely took some positive ideas away.

Chris Armitage at 16:23 on 4 Oct 2014

First live demo of the conference! As with previous talks, I got some great insights into how I should be using Xdebug.

Regarding PHPDBG, it seems that it's a new and unproven tool. I'd rather learn how to use an established tool better.

Wonderful to see the creator delivering a 'demo' of using the product.
Having developed on Zend Studio, and now making the switch to WebStorm, I think this is now a must.

Best part of the talk was actually the last 10-15 mins for me, when Derick was discussing the potential future of xdebug where his interest seems to mainly lie (and why wouldn't it, some of possibilities are great), though in my opinion the build up to the future section came across as a long aside.

In addition, there was an somewhat dismissive-ness which sticks in mine with regards to PHPDBG, it could just as easily been omitted entirely and more time spent on the xdebug features.

As others have said, this talk was slightly let down by the short section on phpdbg. That aside though, I was very interesting the new developments to xdebug, and it's definitely given me some new things to try out.

Anonymous at 11:29 on 5 Oct 2014

While Derrick is obviously very smart / passionate about xdebug parts seemed poorly planned and he was quite dismissive about php debug extension. Kind of disappointing as I was hoping for more

Interesting talk, really liked the sneak peek into xdebug's future.

An interesting review of the state of the debugging landscape.
I stopped using much of Xdebug features, I am looking forward to breaking out the toolbox again.

Thanks Derick, I found your talk helpful.

Great overview of debugging tools

Good overview of the current testing tools with demo of improvments

Lets not mince words, Derick is a man who knows his shit when it comes to debugging PHP.

I had the opportunity to sit with him during the Hackathon as he put the final touches onto the work he presented during this talk, he wasn't lying when he said "I finished this last night".

Really really (really) looking forward to the new path analysis features he presented. The talk could have been quite justly titled "Your code coverage is a lie". Dericks work here is hugely important for all of us trying to build robust applications. I struggle to comprehend how many collective man-hours he has saved us.

The only disappointment was his coverage of phpdbg. Dismissing it with a "I couldn't get it to work". Both phpdbg and xdebug are important tools with slightly different applications, it would be great if Derick and Joe could find some common ground and share features to make both as powerful as possible.

I think the talk was great but I just feel the title should be Xdebug: Past. Present and Future (and not Debugging). I learnt a lot of cool things about Xdebug. Overall a very good talk. Looking forward to trying out the code coverage things as well. Really well presented!

It was a shame it didn't cover PHP dbg extension and kinda dismissed it but if the talk's title is adjusted then it kinda isn't that bad.

as other have said I think a bit more on phpdbg is needed to show the pro's/con's against sticking with xdebug.

Dericks talks are always informative tho and never walk away without learning something new.