High Performance PHP


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Rick Kuipers at 11:53 on 5 Oct 2014

Interesting insight of the different compilers available. Most of the stuff discussed were way beyond my knowledge but interesting nevertheless.

Again proof Anthony knows what he talks about and is passionate on the subject. Awesome he made something academic into easy to follow subject, even if you don't have a CS degree. Job well done.

Anonymous at 11:59 on 5 Oct 2014

Excellent talk, think it explained things well. I'm not sure if you defined JIT, can't recall. Also, as I asked in Q&A, it's confusing that you say a Trancing JIT does no optimisations - perhaps say it does nothing AOT in the slides for clarity?

A fascinating insight into how these compiler thingybobs actually work. My eyes usually gloss over when someone starts talking about these complicated things, but THIS was delivered really well, and I actually understood it, yay! Thank you for not making it overly complicated.

Great talk, with some nice technical details. Very enjoyable.

A talk that went far under the hood of what's under the hood, dealing with what most PHP developers probably never have to deal with - but nonetheless leaves us with a number of suggestions of how to write better code.

Entertaining as always, Anthony is a great and very knowledgeable speaker.

Clearly, I should have studied computer science instead of dropping out of business school!

Paul Court at 17:08 on 5 Oct 2014

Excellent content clearly explained and just the right entertainment factor to keep the audience engaged - you are a fantastic speaker and an asset to the community.


A challenging technical talk. I like to be challenged like this, so for me it was informative and has encouraged me to think carefully about how to write php with performance in mind. Entertaining and well presented.

Talk of the show. I want to be challenged with what's under the hood, and a bit of CS never hurt anyone.

Your 3rd talk of the conference was superb! I'm enthused to go learn more about compilers. Thanks!

Fascinating and insightful, and explained in a way that even this idiot could understand and recognise the significance of the different approaches to compilation. Can I make use of that new knowledge? The jury is still out, but it's certainly making me think more.

I've always wondered how compilers worked. I have abit of an insight now. Thank you!

An excellent, mind blowing talk, in which I walked away with a lot more questions than answers, but in a really good way.

A passionate and interesting delve into the technicalities of what happens when your PHP code is executed.

Lorna Mitchell at 10:18 on 6 Oct 2014

I'm one of those people who wandered into this industry by some other route and therefore don't have the CompSci degree. Thanks for bringing this session, I definitely learned something and also really improved my understanding of what's happening in the various PHP implementations areas. Delivering three talks at a conference is always tough going, but the content here was solid.

Another excellent talk by Anthony illustrating really well a topic that by anyone's standards is an incredibly hard one to get to grips with.

I second @MarkAJCheckley comment

"I've always wondered how compilers worked. I have abit of an insight now. Thank you!"

tough 1st 10 mins. but thanks for that. I needed it.
great review of the other tech too.

Echoing Lorna, I also drifted into this industry without the CompSci degree or formal education in computing so this was a great introduction into how the engine underneath the code I write every day actually does its job, and how it can be improved.

Anthony is a great speaker and my fears that this might be well over my head at times, were put to rest by his delivery which, while deeply technical, didn't get too dry or over complicated.

Thank you.

Another awesome talk. Well, no surprise there.
Introducing some advance concepts in a simple way. :)

a really interesting talk, never really considered the complier when looking at optimisations, I will now.

Learned a lot about compilers/interpreters from this, good talk on an area that I'd bet few in the room have delved into.

A really interesting talk, thanks Anthony! I felt it was delivered at a good level, with most concepts covered being understandable despite being highly technical.