How PHP Changed the World of Programming


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Gary Hockin at 10:21 on 4 Oct 2014

Anthony is always entertaining and informative, and as usual he delivered.

Steve Guns at 10:27 on 4 Oct 2014

Loved the fact that you were amazed with the answers on your question about multiple programming languages but recuperated quickly :)

Chris Armitage at 10:36 on 4 Oct 2014

Well presented, a good clear message. The slides weren't distracting but injected a good bit of humour to keep the audience energy levels going.

Content wise, it did what any good keynote should, give me something to think about over the weekend.

A very thought-inspiring keynote. Anthony highlighted how awesome we - the PHP community - can be when we unite and attack a problem together, and how dangerous it is for us to divide the community into silos. He called us all out to welcome everyone from the community, no matter their framework or CMS of choice, and to include and educate them instead of looking down upon them.

His reminder that we are all on the same team resonated with me and gave me a lot to think about.

Great keynote, very well delivered.

David Goodwin at 11:11 on 4 Oct 2014

great talk. thank you.

Inspiring and very well done.

Craig Patrick at 11:36 on 4 Oct 2014

Superb talk on the future (past) of php and the community. Very well delivered.

Great talk - I especially enjoyed Anthony's call for working together instead of against each other. I believe this should start in the "smallest cell" of the community.

Anonymous at 12:03 on 4 Oct 2014

Talk presented well. I'm not sure I felt it was a little ironic that after talking about the dangers of forking a community that there was such hostility to PHP developers who use Wordpress

A good keynote delivered with Anthony's trademark passion. PHP is so dependent on that community, which is both a blessing and a curse. An important message to all those of us that contribute to that community in any way (which is every one of us) that by working together it is possible to achieve miracles, and I'll be referencing his message myself in my own uncon talk on why and how we can all contribute to open source projects.

Great talk! Really well done and kept the audience engaged the whole way through.

An excellent thought provoking and very well presented keynote.

Another excellent phpnw keynote! Anthony spoke well and clearly. I especially enjoyed the part about how he agonized over the content of the keynote.

I echo much of the other comments already added here!

Anthony is a great speaker. Loved his thoughts about the community and how to go forward.

Anonymous at 14:01 on 4 Oct 2014

Informative and thought-provoking. Personally I'm not a fan of meme-type humour in an academic/professional setting but I understand why it's included.

Rich Sage at 15:00 on 4 Oct 2014

Excellent start to the conference
Anthony's delivery was spot on as usual, and extremely engaging. I found it really thought-provoking and it was great to hear the community aspect reinforced - so key to the PHP "way of life". Thank you!

Rowan Merewood at 15:09 on 4 Oct 2014

Great interaction with the audience and really set the scene and tone for the conference. Nice single clearly defined call to action.

We can team together. good message.

Superb keynote and was the highlight of the day for me

Good opening keynote, well judged tone. Certainly a topic to stick in the mind for the rest of the weekend.

Well delivered inspiring talk. Thanks Anthony

Great talk, very inspiring!

Excellent keynote teaching us some important lessons. Anthony is a very good speaker and he did a great job!

Great keynote, it was a little short, but the message was delivered, and any longer probably would've just been rambling or padding anyway. Nice.

Anonymous at 14:34 on 5 Oct 2014

Anthony just smashed it! Great keynote

Good talk, focused in the php community and how by coming together it managed to push version 5 of the language into the mainstream.

Totally agree that we shouldn't be discriminatory against people using packages such as WordPress - it's still PHP (disclaimer: for the last 3 years, I've had around 80% of my income come from WordPress orientated work!). Yes, you might not like working with WordPress/Magento/OsCommerce/Drupal etc etc , but if you want to be able to properly call yourself a PHP developer - then it shouldn't matter.... Brilliant keynote and did seem to set the flavour for the conference.

A very inspiring start to the conference.

Informative and enjoyable.

It's a strong, passionate message from Anthony "Team together"

Excellent talk, thanks Anthony!

Great delivery and a great message to take back home. I think what I took home most from this talk is "stop splitting communities" and it inspired me to try to bring communities a bit closer to eachother, so thanks for that <3

Rick Kuipers at 08:11 on 6 Oct 2014

Great and inspiring keynote, it was very interesting to learn some more about the history of PHP seeing that I stepped in relatively recently.

Lorna Mitchell at 09:24 on 6 Oct 2014

This was a nice way to get the event started, Anthony took to the stage and shared his ideas on life, community, and everything! Rough around the edges but perhaps that added to the charm. Sorry for the giggling!

Very entertaining, very informative. Thankyou

A very strong talk on something Anthony is obviously very passionate about. A rallying call!

"Dissagreeing != Trolling"

Great start to the conf, inspiring topic and well delivered, as always. But I echo (as a non-wp dev) the concerns about cheap shots at particular frameworks/projects...

Daring and passionate keynote about the importance of getting together as a community. The perfect start to any conference.
If only, if only.... I wish everybody out there would take this to heart.

This is actually the first time I've seen Anthony speak at a conference. I'm really glad I had the chance to see him talk. You can tell he does this a lot and really enjoys it and he seems to have a natural talent for it. He engages his audience extremely well and is obviously an expert in what he talks about. I came out of every one of Anthony's talks feeling incredibly amateurish but nonetheless enlightened.

Great great talk. That fact that is was conceived and written ON THE FLIGHT on the way to Manchester does not seem to have detracted one little bit. Honest, inspiring and fun. Thank you

Anthony, you're raising the bar for yourself with every talk you give.

I spoke with Anthony afterwards and he was quite touched by how his keynote had such a huge affect on subsequent talks, and indeed became a theme for the entire conference.

I don't think I attended a single talk later on, without a speaker referencing back to "As Anthony said...", to reinforce their own talks.

The message was important, relevant to current events, inspiring, thought provoking and made me personally consider how I contribute and interact with the community.

Thank you Anthony!

Informative and inspiring.


Anonymous at 13:29 on 7 Oct 2014

Great talk, Anthony is a very entertaining speaker and the content was well thought out. Definitely one of the highlights of the conference

Fantastic speaker, amazing subject and keynote. Had me thinking all weekend.

Great Keynote speaker and message to start off the conference.

My only criticism would be to pedantically point out that it didn't really talk about how PHP changed the world of programming.

Gavin Taylor at 20:49 on 9 Oct 2014

have been to a few of Anthonys talks now, always presents the content well bringing the audience with him.

a great choice for keynote speaker

Anthony's talk was a perfect way to start the conference and its content was definitely thought provoking. The talk delivered a great message that highlighted both the positive and negative aspects of the PHP community.