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Rowan Merewood at 16:33 on 4 Oct 2014

This talk sneakily went way past the scope I expected and included an excellent OAuth 2 section. Good focus in the questions on adding additional components to your system based only on the need to solve your specific problems.

Need to write my APIs better.
also never considered a PHP website consuming it's own api. nice seperation of concerns.

Thank Lorna

Thoroughly enjoyed this talk. While the concept isn't new, it was great to see it explained / shown to a room full of people how simple and useful it can be, while keeping the entire talk light-hearted and amusing.

While I can't fault the content of the talk, I would have liked to have heard more on the infrastructure possibilities and potential pitfalls (one of which was brought up in Q&A toward the end) of using using this pattern, though that may well be better suited for a different event.

Also, I'm not sure Joindin was mentioned enough in the talk.

Brilliant talk - despite Lorna's warning at the start that it was for "people new to API backend/web front end", I still found it very useful and has given me some ideas - I look forward to reading her book about the subject to hopefully find out about infrastructure possibilities (how many different APIs should you have for one system: i.e. should the web site speak to a "customer" API and a "stock" API etc).

Lorna's talk was interesting, entertaining and well presented. I found the subject matter a little below my level, but we were warned about this at the start. Great talk.

Really enjoyed the talk. Something that I've touched upon but not delved into enough. Some good food for thought.
I thought Lorna was great at presenting, and her engagement with the audience was second to none.

Thanks Lorna!

Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed this talk. Great content. Excellent delivery. More please Lorna.

I feel a lot more eager to get started on an API driven system than ever before. A great introduction to the principles. Thanks

Great presentation. Did exactly what it said on the tin.

Would have enjoyed some time going more in-depth about the design decisions of a more advanced API structure; also more items to stop re-inventing wheels such as the oauth2, etc.

As this has been something I've been looking into, seeing it explained by a speaker who covers things well, with great explanations and without rushing past things / skipping over things was invaluable. Absolutely fantastic.

Brilliant and engaging overview of the subject. The use of Slim Framework was very cool. It allowed time for a complete working example, and the code fit legibly into a modest amount of slides. As it was concise and simple, this allowed time to focus on thinking about the architecture approach itself rather than mentally parsing code.

There was some talk on performance aspects, including anecdotal evidence, but I would've loved to see some concrete metrics demonstrating scalability. This could bring some additional weight to the argument for adoption.

As always Lorna had a great, friendly presentation style.

Loved the idea of a splitting the API from the frontend which can simply be a consumer of the data.

Will be using this approach in a new project

Thanks Lorna

Gavin Taylor at 07:41 on 8 Oct 2014

this is something we are considering for a project at work so was interested in the performance side of running a site without direct database access but this talk didn't quite get there for me.

we were warned it was an intro tho and as an intro this talk is perfect for explaining the what, why and how. would be nice to have a follow up/part 2 next year or at phpnw.

as always with Lornas talks everything delivered at a good pace and I saw lots of heads nodding as info sunk in.

This talk was exactly what I expected it to be (but that's good). Lorna did offer a warning that the talk was an introduction, and despite being a bit hesitant as to whether or not to stay, it was worth if it just for affirmation that the concept is solid.
Lorna has a very distinct presentation style that is consistent every time I see her (i.e. keynote last year). I do think at times it can be a little be impersonal, but then does it need to be? It's always very clear and well rehearsed.

It was, as stated, basic, but it was structured in terms of how much can be broached in less than an hour. Got me interested in microframeworks.