Advanced Adventures in Git


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Anonymous at 21:21 on 18 Jul 2015

By far my favourite talk of the day, and probably the BEST guide to Git I've ever seen. I really wish I had something like this 4-5 years ago, it would've helped me avoid many painful encounters with Git :)

Once the video's out, I'm going to refer all our junior devs to it. Looking into your other resources now!

Anonymous at 22:32 on 18 Jul 2015

This was a great talk with lots of useful tips. I particularly liked how you gave the audience several options at each stage, allowing us to choose what parts appealed to us the most.

This was an engaging and energetic talk by Lorna, that gave the audience an option to "choose their own" Git adventure (topic) by show-of-hands. The live demonstrations that she gave were solid and incredibly well executed. Learnt a lot from this great talk, which helped to clarify and reinforce my understanding of Git. Thanks Lorna! - @BillyWhizzkid

My favourite talk. This is the second talk I've watched from Lorna, so I knew the presentation would be well-delivered. For me, the technical level was just right. I could follow everything, some things I knew, some was new.

Enjoyed the talk. Fast paced and confident.

I was a bit nervous going into this because I'm barely a beginner-level git user, but I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to follow along quite easily and learned loads! Very well presented, loved to the "choose your topic" approach to it as well.

Lee Boynton at 20:51 on 20 Jul 2015

This talk was well spoken and I liked the interactive style. Even though one or two commands didn't go quite right the first time I thought Lorna did well to stay calm and get back on track.

The --patch flag for the various git commands are very useful, I'm not sure if git stash --patch was mentioned?

Thanks Lorna!

Rob Wilson at 22:24 on 20 Jul 2015

A fantastic presentation to GIT, and the audience participation was a nice touch. Well done Lorna :)

I really like the format of the talk, but wouldn't quite classify the content as advanced.

Raphael Stolt at 13:58 on 21 Jul 2015

Excellent *interactive* content, very well delivered. Liked the usage of the prepared shell scripts to increase throughput. Would like to suggest the usage of Git command aliases, to save some more time and avoid repetitive typos.

This talk was a real adventure all right. One of the best features is the fact that Lorna let the audience decide on the topics covered. And of course, the content was superb.
Some topics were advanced, some were not, but in the case of git, it never hurts to repeat (a lot).

Although 'advanced' is relative to the experience one has, it's good to get confirmation one is doing the right thing. Thank you for sharing!
I still wonder what you we're going to tell about in regards to remotes! :)

Talking while coding is never easy, Lorna handled it with ease. A very strong talk not necessarily showing advanced GIT more how advanced users use GIT.

Whilst I knew a lot of what was covered, there were some great gems in there, which will come in very handy for me in my day-to-day work. But what worked for me more, was a confirmation that how I work is how other people work. So it reaffirmed that my approach is a valid one. Well worth attending!

Amazing talk & really well presented, was using some of the new git commands I'd used the next day!

Could easily have listened to this talk for another hour, probably the most directly relevant talk of the day for me.

This was my favourite talk of the day; Lorna was (understandably) nervous about performing it as it involves a lot of live demo, but it was excellent! I loved the 'choose your own adventure' style; really innovative way to deliver a technical talk and full of enthusiasm. Not to mention I learned a few useful tips, too, and gained a deeper understanding of some things. :D

I've seen this talk 3 times now, every time I've learned something new! This talk format is Lorna at her best, engaging, funny (without realising it!), human - you're way better when you're out of your comfort zone! Live demo's with broken laptop spacebars is the new thing I'm sure, please don't fix it we'd all be the worse for it ;)