API Pain Points


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Even though Phil said he was nervous, he sure seemed relaxed, making the crowd laugh and giving excellent practical tips. Will keep an eye out for his book :)

Matt Cockayne at 14:34 on 18 Jul 2015

An insightful look into the mind of Phil Sturgeon. Highly amusing and we'll worth watching dispute the nervousness and lack of swearing ;)

Very insightful, well presented talk, but felt it was lacking a few profanities ;-)

so good I bought his book ...... again ...

Michael Cullum at 15:29 on 18 Jul 2015

Very good talk that addressed many of the main points with APIs I think.

Anonymous at 22:24 on 18 Jul 2015

A great talk as ever. Phil is one of the best speakers I have seen

Mark Bradley at 08:02 on 19 Jul 2015

Great talk. covered a wide range of topics within APIs. very funny talk with some really useful examples of where APIs can fail.

I really liked that Phil had a relaxed style of speaking which kept the talk light and funny, a necessity sometimes for technical talks, but that all of the key points come across too and the talk was well delivered.

I learnt most of the things in the talk from his book but it was great to see him talk about them and get a feel for his passion for what he does.

Lots of great tips and personal experience delivered with great energy and humour from a leading API expert. Well done Phil! Time to buy your book I feel.

Very well delivered talk with some great humour added. Would see again!

This was my first talk from Phil, but it was well-delivered - the throw-away comments exactly matched the tone of his writing on his blog, which I like. I like the anecdotes of good and bad examples.

Clever and polished talk

Tristan Bailey at 20:11 on 19 Jul 2015

Great presenter and good talk covering experience of a topic in an easy to digest way

Very good talk, very entertaining, but I was expecting a few more advanced topics to pop up.

Still rating 5 though, as it was absolutely well spent time.

Lee Boynton at 20:43 on 20 Jul 2015

An enjoyable talk in which I learnt a lot of good tips. The anecdotes were also interesting to hear.

I was expecting more swearing though :)

Alex Ross at 21:07 on 20 Jul 2015

If your building an API then you need to see this talk! Well presented talk and I loved hearing the tales of other developers...:)

Rob Wilson at 22:20 on 20 Jul 2015

I cringed at the start of Phils talk because he was describing APIs that I've written (sorry). He has given me some good points to take away, and I will be buying his book. Well presented, and alot of laughs had.

-4 point for not drinking on stage, +9 points for making it up with a well structured talk delivered with humor, sarcasm and the occasional enjoyable foul language. Packed with take-away's. I bet any developer learned one or two things which will improve their understanding or change their approach during development.

I've never heard Phil speak before, but would definitely recommend others to go and hear him if they get the chance. The talk was great - I really like the references to real-life situations. Phil made everyone laugh and was just a pleasure to be in the same room.

A *comedy show* delivering practical takeaway bits. What more can you ask for?

Well delivered and insightful talk

Funny, entertaining, educational! As someone new-er to API development, this was very informative. Despite the stated nervousness, the style really worked with me. Will happily see this talk again and buy the book.

Amazing talk, very well presented & I learnt a lot. Made me want to go out & build an API!

This talk was brilliant and clarified a lot of the finer points for me.

I'd never seen Phil Sturgeon speak before, but this was, as expected, highly entertaining. A+

Great delivery despite the reported nerves from having family in the room, good energy and audience engagement. Nice exposure of the flaws found in many (even large / popular APIs) good to see them get called out :)