Down the Rabbit Hole: Lessons Learned combining Career and Community


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Loved this talk. Felling entertained, & very inspired!

Tristan Bailey at 09:59 on 18 Jul 2015

Great talk from cal. Plenty of motivation and a dash of personal emotion. Making a great keynote.

Enjoyed Cal's inspirational talk. Personal and bottom line at the same time!

Matt Cockayne at 10:15 on 18 Jul 2015

an emotive, engaging and inspiring talk. a total pleasure to watch

Learnt a lot! Thanks Cal

Michael Cullum at 10:36 on 18 Jul 2015

Great talk from Cal that really rang home.

Great talk, well presented. Left the room with positive energy!

Mark Baker at 10:50 on 18 Jul 2015

Cal, inspirational as always, doing what he does so well - pumping up the audience ready for the day; and reminding us that we're all members of the PHP community; and when we work together as a team, we can achieve miracles (and put out fires).

Great, insightful and well presented keynote.
Thanks a lot for you work, it is very much appreciated.

What can I say, awesome.

Anonymous at 13:30 on 18 Jul 2015

A cracking talk. Really inspiring, and makes me want to get stuck into my local ug more.

Chris Hogben at 15:18 on 18 Jul 2015

As others have said, fantastic talk with loads of passion and emotion. Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences.

As I already said to you personally, this story needs to be repeated indefinitely. New generations don't know the 'why' of PHP and it's community. Without your stories, people like me, cannot pass your message along.

Thank you and your father for doing this!

Anonymous at 21:13 on 18 Jul 2015

Very inspirational talk, emotional at points too :) Thank you.

Really, really great talk about the PHP community. Didn't realise there was so much going on in the community, certainly encouraged me to go out and get involved more.

Rich Keyzor at 07:51 on 19 Jul 2015

Very entertaining and inspiring. Echos my ethos and early experiences of the web developer community.

Inspiring and funny.

Personal experience and emotional connection helped send a powerful message. An inspiring way to start the conference and helped reinforce friendship and community throughout the day.

Inspiring and encouraging talk that has motivated me engage in even more community-oriented activities, helping me to understand why they are so important. Thanks Cal, myself and many others have benefited greatly from hearing about your experiences. Really set the tone for the rest of the event - PHPSC2015 was made even richer by having you open for it. Cheers!

A great keynote by Cal. Very inspirational, emotive and it set the day up perfectly!

This was my first talk from Cal, and I enjoyed it. Motivational, personal anecdotes, and delivered well.

Fantastic keynote, truly set the tone for the event. Always touched when speakers share such personal stories - thank you for inspiring us, Cal.

Alex Ross at 18:12 on 19 Jul 2015

Cal's keynote came from the heart. He really set the tone for the conference which encouraged everyone to start making friends and communities

Cal delivered a great message about how important community is, and how some problems can only be solved together. There was an interesting concoction of personal stories and experiences that I found very valuable.

I enjoyed the deep dive into the pillars of what make a good community. I would have preferred a more general "Find your role models" message than a "Here's the prestige" pin up. I know of and follow each and every name he presented and wholly agree on how awesome they are, but I think the PHP community does need be careful not create a band of worshipped untouchable elites. There are so many amazing (but quiet) people out there that might just be your role model, go find them.

I think the message to make the effort and engage in the hallway track really sunk in. I personally spoke to over a dozen PHPers whom I'd never met before, and people seemed a lot more approachable than at other conferences I've been to. Overall it was a great delivery from Cal and an excellent keynote.

Saw this already once, but I totally recommend it for any "community newcomers".

Great and inspiring keynote by one of my most important role models

Simply amazing.

Lee Boynton at 20:31 on 20 Jul 2015

A very inspirational and heartfelt talk about how we as a community should strive to help others. Well spoken and set the tone for the whole conference!

Thanks Cal!

Rob Wilson at 22:26 on 20 Jul 2015

My first talk, at my first presentation, and when Cal started I was a little cautious about where he was going. But I was pleasantly surprised and entertained at his talk. Brilliant :)

What a presentation. As a beginning speaker watching Cal on stage was such an inspiration by itself. Add a dose of powerful motivation on top of that, and it's just ACE. 10/10 would watch again, same talk even.

Great talk from Cal - inspiring and informative!

Great talk, as usual. Lot's of motivation and a great start of the conference. Specially loved the one slide for @rdohms.

Inspiring. Two thumbs up.

Great talk on the importance of community. An excellent way to start the day.

The talk was the highlight of the conference for me. I've only begun to truly appreciate the value that lies in the community over the last 5 years, and everything which Cal said rang true for me. It definitely showed how valuable and how meaningful being a part of something much larger than yourself can be, and the rewards which it can bring to you, sometimes just by being a part of it.

Second time i see this talk and it was even better, very strong message and well rounded off. Honestly i think it improved so much more because i was given a full slide :D i'm kidding!

Nostalgic, enlightening, emotional, inspiring. Thank you Cal. You're Pop would have been immensely proud of you.

Anonymous at 16:53 on 23 Jul 2015

One of the best keynotes I've ever heard. Thank you Cal.

Anonymous at 00:51 on 24 Jul 2015

Great testimonial, thank Cal Evans!

Amazing! Emotional and inspiring. Thanks.

Lovely uplifting talk from Cal to start off the day; resonated so much with me. I love the PHP community. :D

Moving, personal story blended with great community pillars, inspired!

As talks go, this was a great talk to open a conference with. To see him talk so passionately about the PHP community has only re-enforced the fact that I want to be part of the community and get involved even more.

Anonymous at 13:24 on 1 Oct 2015