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Claudio at 00:50 on 22 Aug 2017

Thanks to Ute and Max, the PHP track became an awesome event. They were really helpful and supportive before and during the event. Even when something didn't went smooth, they kept calm and contributed with that behaviour to the pleasant atmosphere.

The talks were interesting for learning new things and also for updating some already acquired knowledge, so it was a fitting event for beginners and old dogs. The room for the PHP track was pretty far away from the rest of the FrOSCon, but easy to find because of a lot of signs.

I enjoyed my time there.

Great to have the PHP track again at FrOSCon! Good to see that someone stepped up and took over organizing. Thanks, Ute and Max :)

As far as I can tell, everything went smooth. I attended two interesting talks. The "new" PHP room was more lecture hall than clas room, and that made it easier to follow the talks and the slides. Also, as always, the best place to meet other PHP devs at FrOSCon.

Unfortunately, the PHP room was located a bit far off the main event, and there weren't almost any other project rooms nearby. So it felt a little bit isolated, but that was probably not the organizers' fault but a decision by FrOSCon.