Talk comments

Claudio at 02:24 on 22 Aug 2017

An introduction of a Symfony Bundle for using Alexa's API and teaching "her" new tricks. Even though it's build for Symfony, the shown insights can be used with other frameworks too. If you're using Alexa and like to extend its commands, this is a talk for you.

Claudio at 02:07 on 22 Aug 2017

"Redis is single threaded" was the returning conclusion for most of the problems described in that talk. A good recap of the experiences with Redis during their work, that may help others, who want to use it in their projects.

Claudio at 02:02 on 22 Aug 2017

Nice insights for those, who haven't used PHPUnit to its fullest. Some of the named extending strategies are for edge cases.

Claudio at 01:47 on 22 Aug 2017

Filled with he experience of the switching process, this talk shows how MongoDB was replaced with a lot of insights how decisions were made and which problems occurred during their work. If you're interested in migration stories, this talk is for you.

Claudio at 01:40 on 22 Aug 2017

A nice summary for automation processes for those, that have never worked with the named tools and also for devs, who want to refresh their knowledge. Yes, Ant is still a thing for PHP projects.

Claudio at 01:13 on 22 Aug 2017

I'm not sure about the production value of this talk, but it is a nice and very interesting insight on using Javascript in PHP. Some metrics about performance were also shown on the slides.

Claudio at 01:08 on 22 Aug 2017

If you're looking for a talk about queues, this might be what you're looking for. It's not about ReactPHP or, but more a help to get processes asynchronously done.

Claudio at 01:00 on 22 Aug 2017

Very helpful and true content about starting to become a team lead. The slides were a bit distracting because of too many text sometimes. This can be also useful for devs, who are not a "official" team lead, but are seen to lead teams anyway. :-)

Will definitely consider using more of the ICU components (or even Claudio's own lib) in my next project after hearing the talk. Gave good, real-life examples about what can be achieved by using the ICU/intl components.

Only thing I missed was an overview over the intl classes (e.g. a simple, bullet-point list) before going into greater detail on each of the classes.

Good talk presenting learnings and best practices when using Resque and/or RabbitMQ with PHP. Also talked about the rocky path to choosing that particular solution.

From the talk description, however, the topic was not quite clear (to me); could also have been libs like Icicle or React PHP instead of message queues, right? ;)