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As someone who came along on his own... I spent a long time hovering around not making any friends. I appreciate that it's my job to network, not other people's to hold my hand, but that was the one thing that would have really improved the event for me fast: some kind of mechanism to introduce people to other people they might enjoy talking to. For instance, the lanyards may have had people's names, jobs and companies on them, but it was impossible to read these without getting right in and invading their space, which kind of defeated the point! Maybe some team activities? Speed-dating for geeks? Okay these are terrible ideas, but something to break the ice would have been good.

(Happily, I did start talking to people at the end of the second day and ended up having much fun and not a few drinks in the Fox, so all was not lost!)

Great wifi was a bonus. The food was excellent but badly organised somehow? Chaotic queueing system and the good stuff could easily be gone even by the time you arrived in the food hall...

Nice and inspiring. Great talks! Next time, eat lunch and sit down at the same time= time for making new friends. It wasn't that easy to come to Brewery and not knowing anyone. I saw some lost persons around (including myself). Why not make a corner, for people who want to talk to strangers/unknown/uninstansiated?

This is the first conference I have personally attended. The conference was very well run and had a friendly atmosphere. Organisers obviously learnt from mistakes.

The venue was very good the only down side was that 1 of the tracks usually involved sitting in another room watching on a screen. The feed sometimes stopped and the slides were not always readable either because they relied on the camera man keeping this in shot or the slides were in a small box in the top corner of the screen.

As usual with such events though it was soda law that so many talks I was interested in conflicted time wise but this is not something that can be avoided without having a single track event. Looking forward to watching the recordings once released

Oddly I think the conference would have benefitted through having more sponsor stands. If not sponsor stands maybe small open source/php projects having the opportunity to show off what they do.

Good well organised with decent talks. Not enough food around though.. if you weren't quick it was all gone! I'm a hungry developer!

The Brewery is a practical, charming and well organised conference venue. Being greeted by lovely and helpful staff in Bowler hats was a perfect start to the conference. The Brewery was a bit cold, but so was all of London at the time so I guess that's the explanation.

All the details for a conference were in place: the WiFi worked just perfect, there were power outlets everywhere, and the bean bags were a nice touch if you wanted a more relaxed environment. And I certainly enjoyed the food, including at the socials.

Since the socials are such a big part of the conference experience, they too deserve to be mentioned as a great success. A set place to meet and talk where food is provided is really all you need. I do wish the socials, the Brewery, and the speaker's hotel were a bit closer to each other.

I felt like there was a good mix of talks within each slot for delegates to choose from, and also something for all levels of skill.

Thank you for a great conference, you've done a great job - and I hope to see you all again soon!

Forgot to say... Thanks fro the wifi as well.. made life a whole lot easer!

Great conference, it was very well organised and the selection of speakers was fantastic. The venue was also spot on and the catering was good (apart from the standing up to eat lunch perhaps). This was the first PHP UK conf I have been to and I think someone said it was your first time at the Brewery. It was good to know you could grab a coffee in-between each session.

Suggestion for next year, each talk has it's own hashtag, you don't necessarily have to have a public screen showing them but I think it would be good to see what others think about the talk at the time.

Can't wait till 2014!

Inspiring talks, flawless organization, a lot of opportunities to network and a perfect venue. See you next year!

Great venue, great talks, great food, great organisation, great socials. Great to feel like part of a community. Great!

Great event. Loved the venue. Very good talks, speakers and keynotes. Not sure the theme was great this year.... no wow moments, more sanitary/reality checks and lots of useful tips but perhaps that's a sign that as an industry we're starting to do quite well and it's a good idea to "take stock"... but I do feel like we needed a couple of wows.

Enjoyable two days, thanks for all the hard work and see you next year.

Fantastic event, very well organised and thoroughly enjoyable - well done all.

Never put an unmoderated twitter wall on a stage with the speakers. It's not fair on them and the inevitable 'jokes' distract from the actual discussion at hand.