Talk comments

Thanks to all the attendees. I just uploaded the slides of the talk. I'm sorry if my pronounce was sometime confusing, i will improve it next time. Thanks for the feedbacks.

Excellent balance between theory and practice.

One of my favourite talks of the whole conference: June is a charming and generous presenter. I did feel that while it touched on many interesting topics it might have been a bit light on in-depth content? But that just made me want there to be a sequel. Best after-talk discussion session of the weekend by a hundred miles, too.

Hard not to like a man who dresses up in platemail for fun, but I found the advice a little generic and the not-quite-perfect English delivered at high speed to be sometimes distracting...

Bit over my head by the end, but I appreciate there was a lot of ground here to cover...

Lots of fun, but pretty difficult to separate the good advice from the deliberately appalling. Would have been better presented as an out-and-out comedy piece perhaps.

As a reasonable fan of CakePHP, was a bit disappointed by panelists stating that "I really didn't get on with CakePHP", followed closely by "but I'm not going to tell you why" and "and of course if it works for you then by all means use it". And we're meant to learn from this kind of expert insight... what exactly?