Composer Best Practices


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Explained a lot of the technical points, but didn't really go beyond the information in the manual.

Liam Wiltshire at 12:17 on 19 Feb 2015

Some really important messages to take away from this, certainly about lock files! Did 'meander' a little, but we'll worth checking out.

Anonymous at 13:18 on 19 Feb 2015

Really enjoyed hearing Jordi talk about Composer, but he seemed a little bit uncomfortable and muted to be honest. He's created an amazing tool - he should be a little bit more enthusiastic than he was! The content was solid enough though.

Anonymous at 16:19 on 19 Feb 2015

Some good content hidden inside a meandering flatly delivered talk. I know it's a difficult subject to represent with rich media, but some would have held peoples interest more.

Anonymous at 16:49 on 19 Feb 2015

Useful stuff. Dry but such a topic has to be I guess!

Interesting stuff. Could be delivered a bit better.

Good presentation. I've not used composer in this level of detail yet but its given me some good tips.

Interesting talk, I didn't know about the "^" operator. I like the relaxed presentation style.

Useful information and some best practices covered. The slides weren't overly engaging though but still enjoyed watching and learning

interesting talk I think it could have benefited with practical examples, lots of theory. Found parts a little hard to follow but that may be down to my little experience of using composer.

Anonymous at 10:56 on 21 Feb 2015

I think it was very dry. Too much laughing and not enough interesting scenarios. Way too long about semver

Nice to hear 'from the horses mouth' on how to use composer and appreciated the emphasis on semver.

Very dry talk from a contentious speaker. Seemed to sneer at the fact that not many of the crowd had read - I looked at it during the talk, and it turned out to be exactly the version number scheme that every software company has used forever.

The rest of the talk was essentially a slow reading of the Composer documentation.

I'm grateful to Jordi for writing Composer, but as echoed by many on the way out of this talk, very rarely is the person who wrote a piece of software the right person to give a talk on it.

On occasion it was difficult to tell whether Jordi was addressing people writing packages or people consuming them, perhaps splitting this talk into 2 sections covering both scenarios might help?
I appreciate that a lot of the content would apply to both scenarios there though.

It was very useful however to have our use of composer validated by the "horses mouth" as mentioned by another commenter

Anonymous at 14:16 on 23 Feb 2015

He could maybe use some tips/practice at how to give a good talk, and the powerpoint was the opposite of Death By Powerpoint, it was too minimal and dull (maybe needed some pictures/humour?). That said there was some useful practical info in there, just needed more work to be engaging.

Somehow I expected more from this session - it mostly felt like a explanation of the documentation, rather than an in depth look at 'best practices'

This largely seemed aimed at developers creating packages, not consuming them, but consuming packages is pretty simple using Composer so that should come as no surprise. There were a few interesting titbits, but not much new for people who'd already spent the time to try to learn how to best use Composer.