What's new in PHP


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Some good technical nuggets to take away about upcoming Php features.

Liam Wiltshire at 11:15 on 19 Feb 2015

Awesome talk, some really great features, time to start a crusade against 5.3!

Practical, useful and inspiringly.
The password explaining was excellent :-)

Anonymous at 11:32 on 19 Feb 2015

This was perfectly pitched for me - broke down the headlines and provided practical advice/real-world examples. Particularly useful to have generators explained in-context. Thanks Lorna!

Very enjoyable talk and presentation

Interesting talk with useful real world examples and advice

Anonymous at 13:04 on 19 Feb 2015

Quite insightful and given me a good reason to upgrade, to prevent the boss using <?

Some really useful tidbits and really good explanation of why you should be upgrading PHP versions!

Content was exactly as described with some very useful information and very well delivered.

Well delivered, covered most of the aspects.

Adam at 09:34 on 20 Feb 2015

well structured talk discussing new feature currently available in php

Anonymous at 11:49 on 20 Feb 2015

Inspiring and well presented. I now want to upgrade everything ;-)

Feedback point: some of the terms of phase used, had they been said by a male, could have been considered sexist. The one that jumped to mind was "don't worry your pretty little head". It was meant in jest and I personally found it funny (not offended at all). However I feel like if I'd said that on stage, it would/could have been accepted differently by the female members of the audience. I think choice of language in future talks should be considered.

As I said, not a complaint or even a criticism. More like a consideration/food for thought.

Thank you Lorna for this highly enjoyable and interesting talk.

I am excited about all these new features and how they can change programming paradigms into more beautiful pieces of code.


Really enjoyed this talk, got a lot to think about and upgrading to do! currently using 5.4 at work that's going to change on Monday!

very good overview - would have been nice if it had included the new features of CONSTANTS (like arrays and expressions...)

Although I didn't learn anything new with this talk, it provided some nice clarification of PHP's current status and why we should be upgrading at our earliest opportunity. This was the first time I had got to hear Lorna speak, and really liked her enthusiastic and entertaining delivery.

A refreshingly human and personal presentation style, especially following Yitz's talk. I really appreciated the enthusiasm with which the new features were described, with practical examples.

The first half of the talk made me think I had got the wrong stream as it was all stuff I already knew as we already develop on 5.6. The last part though introduced some elements which I never knew about! - EXCELLENT