Building REST APIs is becoming an ever more common task for PHP developers to do and whilst the task may often sound simple in that it involves reading some input, and getting (or persisting) to a data source and returning some JSON, there are a lot of common pitfalls and complications that you might encounter along the way. In this talk we'll look at how we can build a simple maintainable REST API using the Symfony components that can perform some simple operations in ways that are clean and simple.


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Rob Waller at 08:49 on 23 Feb 2019

I've seen you speak a number of times. As ever an interesting, useful and engaging talk. And well done for stepping in at the last minute.

Jason Stanley at 11:11 on 23 Feb 2019

Speaker talks very well and is obviously very knowledgable in this subject. I got more out of this than I expected. While this specific talk focuses on implementations in Symfony, I felt there was a lot to take away, especially on API design and general application struture.

Alex Youngs at 11:56 on 23 Feb 2019

Michael gave a confident and engaging talk (also stepping in at the last minute, so thanks for that!) - delivering some great information on building APIs with Symfony.

I followed most of his advice as we're doing exactly that, though some of the examples (DTOs in particular) differed from how we do things, but that's likely to be miseducation on our part, so if nothing else it's given me something to go and research!

Also interesting that there was a roundup at the end of 'if you want to do all of this, API platform will handle it for you!' - which was great as we've used API platform in the past, so if there's another talk I'd be very interested to see it's diving into that tool specifically and working around some of the quirks it has.

Overall a great talk, thanks!

The talk was greate, and if you had skipped the general intro (verbs etc), the would have been brilliant. I loved your (Symfony) coding slides :-)