Every Millisecond Counts: Performance & UX


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Tess Barnes at 12:18 on 18 Feb 2016

Well informed and presented. Great patience in the face of technical issues! The way Davey handles questions clearly show how much in depth knowledge he has.

John Noel at 13:00 on 18 Feb 2016

Covered a huge number of different ways of improving perceived performance but perhaps lacked a joined up way of utilising them or some practical, PHP centric examples.

Matt Dawkins at 13:24 on 18 Feb 2016

Spoke very fast, but loads of useful information here, ranging from basic to stuff that's well beyond me. Practical examples would have been helpful though, as it was a bit theoretical and lacked evidence.

Great talk and really useful takeaways, thank you. I liked how you were prepared to say I don't know when asked questions you didn't know the answer to, it gave even more weight to the answers and advice that you did give

A really great talk, lots of valuable information and very well presented. Alot of practical examples helped me visualise how I could be including these things into projects I am working on today!

David Yell at 13:51 on 18 Feb 2016

Great talk about optimisation although it seemed to lack other optimisation topics and focused on images and http2 primarily. Delivered very quickly, it would be better if it was just a little slower.

Content was great, delivery was good, topics covered were insightful, relevant and preparing us for what's round the corner.

Constructive input: sometimes talking too fast, especially towards the end of sentences. Fine for me since I come from a fast speaking english-based country but I can imagine folks from outside of the UK might have trouble understanding everything.

Good job all round Davey

Pointed out some subjects I'll need to take look at. Clear interesting and very educating.

A brilliant point of view and a lot of good ways to improve your speed.

Katy Ereira at 18:51 on 18 Feb 2016

A lot of really useful information that I will definitely be able to put into practice within my projects - delivered really well with good slides and examples.

A really great talk! I like the pacing a lot and the fact you emphasized that performance is everyone's problem. I learned quite a few new things (like prerendering) too. Thanks!

Anonymous at 23:34 on 18 Feb 2016

Lots of information in this talk. Thanks Davey!

James Dunmore at 13:48 on 19 Feb 2016

Brilliant - well thought out and well presented, really useful and informative.

Dino Korah at 20:54 on 19 Feb 2016

Loads of info, well presented. Well paced delivery. Only complaint i would have is the lack of practical examples / evidence.

Paul Maidment at 01:37 on 20 Feb 2016

I enjoyed the discussion on automated image compression and thought that there was a good taste of http2 also.

Talk seemed to be well thought out and brought good ideas to the table.

Steve Winter at 10:56 on 20 Feb 2016

Many good ideas here, well presented. I would have preferred less time on image compression and more technical detail in the other topics covered.

Another idea which might help the talk would be to give 'ratings' in a few scales for each idea e.g support: everywhere, time to implement: low, impact: high.

An excellent, knowledgable presenter with very good real-world insight into performance. Now if only Amazon would support HTTP2...

Shaun Walker at 13:19 on 21 Feb 2016

Great talk, good insight into how HTTP2 helps solve a lot of issues. The statistics presented on companies measuring how much user engagement/money they lose from millisecond slowdowns really helps drive home how important performance is.

The "UX" part of the title made me assume going into it that there would be coverage of front-end UI practices to help mitigate performance issues, but that's probably just from my own POV and interpretation of UX. Wasnt a big deal.

Jo Carter at 16:20 on 22 Feb 2016

Amazing talk, just felt like it could be slowed down a little bit to make it easier to follow (not sure it was intentional fast, given the title). As Ed said, nice to see someone unafraid to admit lack of knowledge :)

After seeing the keynote last year I was keen to see Davey impart his knowledge on performance and I wasn't disappointed. Fantastic depth of knowledge and very well presented, definitely got some takeaways from this one.

Great talk - learned plenty about new techniques.